Retail Hell Underground: Basic Instructions: How To Deal With The Truth

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I'm surprised my head didn't actually, literally explode from reading this. Because it sure felt like it wanted to.

NC Tony

If I ever met a guy like that in real life, it would take every ounce of self control I have to not punch him in his smug face.

The Last Archimedean

I'd beat the arrogance and stupidity out of him with a clue-by-four, personally.


The title was right, though. In the end, he told the truth: he wanted a free chicken sandwich, and he got it by being an asshole. How many times have we dealt with this shit in retail, and suspected that this was the case? I don't really have a point here. Typing a response is keeping me busy enough to not headbutt the screen out of frustration and pure loathing for the fucking free chicken sandwich guy.





We had to deal with someone like that today.
Bitch: "Hey, you there. I called yesterday and talked to Bob and he told me he was going to hold the pink Ipod for me."

Me: "We do not have anyone here by the name of Bob, nor do we have a pink Ipod. Do you think you might have called our store in __________."

Bitch: "Are you calling me stupid? I think I know what store I called. And I know who I talked to. Now you get Bob out here with pink ipod. Now. If I do not get my pink Ipod, I better get the black ipod for free."

Me: "I need a manger to the electronic department..."
Long story short, she didn't get it for free, but she did get it for 30% of, which is what is was probably what she was trying for--getting some sort of discount.


She'd be lucky for 1p off with my manager, I got annoyed at a rude customer last Tuesday and when I told her and described the customer she said "Oh him.... he comes in every Tuesday.... I'll have a word...". Well Tuesday came around and she had had no sleep cause she's ill and my disappointment when he never came :(

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