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Oh, man. Damn ninjas with their onions...
The Mister Rodgers quote has been going around about seeing tragedies on tv, and looking for the helpers. These Dunkin Donuts stores are helping the helpers. Kudos to them.


I had almost forgotten why I liked Dunkin. Now I remember. On top of having pretty damn good breakfast sandwiches, they do stuff like this.
Stay strong, Boston!

Bored at the Bookstore

Always thought DD coffee was a little over-roasted (I prefer local chain HoneyDew), but gosh, I'll have to hit DD's a little more often. This is nice. As long as the coffee slingers are volunteers, anyway!

And thanks for the kind thoughts. It's been a very weird day here in Massachusetts, even though we live thirty miles from Boston. No trains running, even our streets are half-empty, even though the lockdown doesn't apply here. I think people are still going through the stages...

Let's just hope they catch the guy soon. If the Law Enforcement people get points for trying, by golly, they're stacking them up this week!

The Last Archimedean

Bravo to the DD workers, and the cops who [hopefully] will bring this maniac's rampage to a halt soon.

Sending positive thoughts to all in the Boston area.


THEY GOT HIM!!! Damn, I'm going to sleep SO well tonight. You just don't mess with Boston. We'll mess you up right back.


They're not doing anything for the stereotype of cops and donuts...



The cops declare defacto martial law on the entire city and ask everyone to "shelter in place" for safety.


They need their donuts, I guess it wasn't too dangerous for the DD folks to go to work.

If it was safe for the DD workers, I bet it was pretty safe for everybody else.


It's a great sentiment but why the heck were all the businesses shut down. Not only should that be illegal but there is no logical way that helps anyone.

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