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Queer Geek

I feel you pain. Sometimes UPS will deliver our shipments to the wrong address and it's a fiasco trying to get them to retrieve the package and resend it to the right custy. I usually tell them to leave the package at their front door and the courier will come and collect if it's a hassle and even then the caller even refuses to do that.


I'm the OP of the story here, and I've got a few more stories I could share from that job!

One of the worst things is when the driver tried the wrong address or messed up somehow, I get an angry customer on the phone yelling at me but at the same time saying "I'm not yelling at you, I'm not angry at you" ...and continue ranting and yelling at me anyways.


Yeah, reading is a rare skill.

Apparently, the hardest question I ask at work is "What does the message say?".

The number of people who say "nothing..." when I know it's not true is crazy.

The Last Archimedean

How do people like this guy function in the world?

Reading seems like such a basic prerequisite for living...


Apparently not TLA. You wouldn't believe the number of functionally illiterate people out there. Add in lack of common sense and stupidity, and now you know why they need labels warning you not to stop a chainsaw with your penis.


Not sure how much help a warning label telling you not to stop the chainsaw with your penis would do if you're functionally illiterate! Remember kids: much like the internet and cell phones, literacy is not a requirement for biological survival! It just helps a lot in modern western society.


I'd rather leave the stupid warnings to Darwin.


I believe that's where the "sharp" international warning label came from, Nomnom. (j/k) http://www.labelident.com/images/static_content/w57.jpg

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