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Queer Geek

Regal Cinemas has always been crappy company even before Obamacare. I've seen it go through several changes from the lousy minimum wage pay to the crappy quality of their concession stands. (AMC is kicking their behinds and that's why many are flocking to their theatres.) It wouldn't matter if they are cutting back on hours. Bad business practices is what's hurting them not Obamacare.


Good Lord, is EVERYBODY jumping on this fucking bandwagon? This list of places where I can no longer go because the corporations are run by asshats grows longer every day :P

NC Tony

Makes me glad Mrs. NC doesn't work for Regal anymore.


As a former Regal Slave I can say that the 30 hours were if you were lucky! I was a concession slave (that's where everyone starts), and did enjoy my work. The intense pace, being put to my best, the different customers, and being able to geek out with the customers about the sudden rush of blockbuster movies.
A common practice was to schedule you to work and then send you home within an hour or two. I know from a friend in management that this wasn't a management option, and the orders came down from corporate to do that. It is very hard to make any kind of money b/c you're schedule would say 30 hours, but at the end of the pay period you knew you were only going to gain 20 of those hours.
Pay was the bare minimum ($7.25/hr) in my state. I actually had to put my foot down with a manager one night and say "You hired me to work. I stated in my interview I need and want this job. How I can bust my butt on a regular basis! How can I prove that when you won't give me an opportunity to?!" After that little brusk talk the managers knew that my answer to "Do you want to go home early?" was always NO. They were under hours to NEVER go above hours available but to schedule like everyday would be a packed house - even on Tuesday evenings (le sigh).

I enjoyed my job! I like customer service even with the good and the bad. I enjoy being busy and pushed to my potential. At the end of the day, yes I'm tired/worn out/smell of popcorn oil but it is a feeling of satisfaction. I liked my coworkers (mostly) and liked the management (mostly). Had the policy of Regal be different I would have stayed. I had my eye on a management position. It's just sad no matter how you look at it.


If your costs go up your profits go down. The whole issue seems to be corporations inability to understand that incredibly simple fucking concept.


No, they understand it. That's why instead of accepting lower profits (CEOs can only afford 9 mansions made out of smaller mansions instead of 10...can't have that!) or raising prices slightly, they decided to do something blatantly stupid. Then, even worse, ANNOUNCE that they're idiots.

Or better, possibly. Now you know another company that abuses its employees...

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