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Last year a friend helped me rent a U-haul to move. It ended up being a 2-day, 1-way rental plus mileage and it only cost me a little over $150 for a 14' truck, and that included insurance (not gas, that ran about $50) since I no longer had insurance, since I no longer had a car of my own.

This person should have done a better job of talking it over with the rental agent before renting the truck. Sometimes 1-way is cheaper, and sometimes a bigger truck is cheaper. Planning on going when there is low traffic helps too as it cuts down on your gas and time. Online reservations are good, but calling ahead and discussing your needs is better.

The Last Archimedean

My (late) cousin, a very funny guy, said he would never use U-Haul. According to him, their motto is "U haul, U do all the work, U pay through the nose."

My most recent move, I put the boxes in my car and a friend of mine with a van moved the bed and the desk, the only two objects my car couldn't handle [my table breaks down into pieces that can be reassembled.]

If you can't afford to hire movers, it's best if you can do it yourself without getting U-Haul involved.


So basically all you had was a bed, a desk, and a table and some boxes? Yeah, I have significantly more furniture than that. I have the bed, the desk (in two 6 foot long pieces, a night stand, a dresser, two end tables, two coffee tables, two dining tables (only one of which breaks down, two 8 foot long craft tables (SO MANY TABLES), a washer and dryer, a TV stand, and hope chest, two sewing machine cabinets, two bookshelves, 5 other various cabinets, a bathroom cabinet, oh and of course, the 6 foot long couch that loses its wooden guts every time we move it but never seems to break. Plus 60 boxes - half of which are fabric & yarn, another quarter that are books, and the rest are actual household supplies. Plus all the junk that just can't be packed into boxes - things like luggage and vacuum cleaners and floor lamps and TVs. I filled my mother's mini van TO THE CEILING with this stuff.

Sure you will always out better if you (and several of your friends) just do it yourself. And I probably could have done it myself if I had wanted to take multiple trips - which may not be feasible depending on where you're moving to. In my case it was best to rent a truck put everything on it at once and be done with it. I think my truck rental came out to around $78 for my most recent move, and I don't think it was really that bad at all. Hiring professional movers would have surely been more expensive. I agree, this person should have done more research into how much this would have cost him. I even had the most efficient routes planned out for the truck to take.


The line abut smashing everything into pieces makes me think this is just sarcasm. Is that just me?


You know - we rented a 5x10 covered trailer and used it for 1 day. It was $39. He should have done his homework.


Renee: I don't think so.

LS: Not everybody has a vehicle that can pull a trailer. Even if my little car had a trailer hitch (it doesn't) I don't know if the engine would handle the load moving my one bedroom apartment would cause. I don't know anyone with a vehicle with a trailer hitch, either, so I'd have to rent one...


From what I understand, U-Haul doesn't rent trailer hitches anymore either since cars no longer have real bumpers. We used to regularly rent U-Haul trailers and bumper hitches for our VW Beetle, but cars are all made out of plastic now. There's no way to rent a hitch to put on a car, so you'd have to have a car with a hitch already on it, or put a frame-hitch on your car which would start in the neighborhood of $125.


In this case, I meant 'rent a vehicle' rather than rent a hitch, but you're right... my old-enough-to-drink little Toyota doesn't have enough of a frame to attach a hitch to on the back. Just one tow tie-down loop on one side attached to the suspension.

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