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It's not, but it's damn good for porn! You can actually watch this movie as a film - I can honestly say that I've never seen a porno with CGI :D

Queer Geek

Hahahaha! It's funny how they put an age disclaimer to rent. I've seen this porn video (yes it's porn) but it's the censored version. Basically they cut out all the hardcore stuff to make it look soft core with alot of boobage. Think along the lines of the simulated sex scenes of True Blood and Spartacus. Anyway, I highly doubt anyone would mistake this for Pirates of the Carribean but then again you're not renting it for the acting.

NC Tony

That's the thing about parody porno movies, they try to make the box art look similar to the box art for the actual movie, and from a distance one could confuse it for the regular non-porn movie. It's even worse with the ones that say they're "Not Pirates of the Caribbean: A Porn Parody", with the "Not" and "A Porn Parody" written in smaller font around "Pirates of the Caribbean".

The Last Archimedean

If you can't tell the difference between a parody porno and the actual movie, you're too stupid to be renting either one.

Oblivious Hoodie

You know this note was added, though, because at least one parent rented it, took it come for the kids to watch, realized it wasn't "Pirates of the Caribbean" when they walked in on some full frontal nudity, and took it back to the store to rant and rave about being tricked into getting their children a porn.


Well I think that's certainly an understandable reaction as a parent. I would be pretty pissed the hell off too if I were tricked by it. And I was nearly tricked by it as it was - even without its name being "not PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: a porn parody", and just being PIRATES.

You know, it's just like that year they changed the Christmas Coke cans to white/silver with polar bears on them and everyone freaked out because they kept thinking it was diet Coke and not regular Coke. Someone who isn't empathizing well with the situation would go "How can everybody be so stupid? Can't you read? Of course it's regular Coke! Get over yourselves you idiots!" But what they don't realize is that your brain doesn't identify known objects by reading the text on them every single time. I mean, lots of objects don't even have words on them - you have to memorize their shapes and colors so you can identify objects quickly. And to that end Coke set a precedent that regular coke was in red cans and diet coke was in silver cans. Even I, fully aware that it was stupid, kept being taken aback by the damn silver polar bear cans. I found myself unsure if it was regular or diet in the can. And it would get me every single time too. Same kind of thing, only this is even more difficult because they're deliberately trying to trick you.

The Singing Library Clerk

People, especially tired parents, can easily make a mistake. I mean, the cover looks enough like POC that one could grab it quickly by mistake. We once had an animated version of Animal Farm at the library and I had to constantly inform parents (and volunteers who'd shelve it wrong) that it was NOT a children's movie despite the title and being animated.


I'll have to add this to my list of movies I eventually need to watch.

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