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Given how totally empty that parking lot is, one could probably cut them a bit of slack for parking wonky. It's in crowded lots where taking more than your share is really assholism.

In other news, this happened to me once... Working in a skyscraper that had mandatory valet parking, I refused (after a truly horrible experience in front of everyone) to let them park my car, so I parked her myself. They'd move cars to open a spot by the wall for me, and I'd park there, and keep my key.

Came back one night to find my boss hadn't paid the valet parking bill, and the valet parking people had used other people's cars to block me in.

Unhappiness ensued, and I was very highly tempted to find out who owned those other cars and ask them if they knew what they were being used for...


The Last Archimedean

I always take extra time to make sure I'm parked properly.

I've been glad I did on several occasions... where the parking lot was 9/10 empty when I parked, and there wasn't a space left when I returned.

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. Therefore, I never assume the lot will remain that empty.


I really want to hear about this ensuing unpleasantness, Amiga.


Same here. It must have been legendary....

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