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the time spent preparing this could have been used to help cure cancer

The Last Archimedean

If Barbie were a person, her measurements would be 39-21-33 [or so I've been told]. I don't know a single actual human proportioned remotely like that.

Poetry Otter

@Elvis - Except the person who did this probably does not have the expertise to find a cure for cancer.


I don't get it. It's a toy. It is not meant for realism.

Where are all the graphics criticizing GI Joe for impossible roided out body types and insanely cool vehicles?

The Singing Library Clerk

@Evis - There's not a bunch of people whining that GI Joe gives little boys impossible physical standards to live up to.

I wish people would get it's not Barbie that causes little girls to hate their bodies. It's bullies who constantly put them down for not looking like the girls in tv shows and movies, PE teachers who still measure the BMI and belittle the girls for not being perfect, parents who put pressure on them to look a certain way, and a clothing industry that makes their outfits for only a small percentage of people rather than the majority of body types.

Yet all the blame falls upon an innocent doll.


@TLA: It used to be something like that, yeah. The doll has been redesigned since, IIRC, to be somewhat more (if not entirely) realistic.

Poetry Otter

What annoyed me about Barbie is she could never sit at a table with her stupid long, straight legs! :p

Marten Kemp

The main reason for the unrealistic ratios of Barbie's body is that the clothes are made with normal-thickness cloth. If the cloth were to scale it'd be the thickness of tissue paper.

Kayla S.

Barbie was never meant to have realistic human proportions. She was originally designed to be a "fashion doll" - i.e. as a way to display/play with all her outfits and whatnot. Back in the day, when stuff like sewing was still considered an essential female skill, girls were meant to be able to make outfits for her, just like their moms made outfits for them.


What annoyed me about Barbie was that she always had to walk on her damn tip toes unless she had heels on.


Nomnom: She doesn't have knees, and you expect her to have ankles?

Su Chan

Horrible resized image. Original source:

Also see

Pretty disturbing...

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