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Duke of URL

This is beyond awesome. Your grandmother, instead of wanting to put off and minimize visits to her doctor, is now going to enjoy going to see her doctor. This can easily lead to early detection of any number of health issues and could conceivably result in a considerable lengthening of her life and improvement in her quality of life.


Wow, that was an adorable story! Hee, I had to google a young George Clooney; I think I need to go make an appointment with that doctor now...

Book Baby

I have a friend who could BE this doctor. He is 41 and looks about 30. He is an awesome people person and cares for everyone he meets. his bedside manner is, bar none, the best I have ever seen. It is wonderful to see people who care about others this much.


Aww, your Grandma is *adorable*. It's awesome that she found such a terrific doctor, and I hope she remains in good health for quite some time yet.

It's also lovely that you give of your time and energy to making sure she's taken care of. That's a hard job and not everyone can do it.

The Science Ninja

People underestimate how amazing doctors can be when they go out their way for a patient - when my uncle died they had to bring in replacement staff because he personally requested that all the nurses went to the funeral...

Let me tell you it makes an amazing impact on the family and the patient, even if the nurse is just smiling!


Makes me think of the ER doctor my friends and I dubbed 'Hot Dr. Paul'.

One of my friends had sliced her finger open doing something stupid (which I was also involved in, but not injured) and we all went to the hospital to get her sewn up. It was a couple hour's wait, but wasn't too bad on account of the fact there were 3 of us there to keep her company (and we were able to joke about the 'human shopping cart' I was sitting in since all the other chairs were taken). When we were finally called in, the guy stitching her up was quite young (straight out of medical school, which he'd gone into straight out of highschool) with a wonderful bedside manner. We still joke about the whole experience.

Fellow Slave

Hey whatever it takes to not dislike the doctor and heck, great manner and concern for patients in a goodlooking package, isn't too shabby either.

As someone who has felt all too often like just another number, getting a doctor you can mesh with and not feel the pit of dread start as you sit waiting to be seen in the room.... hold on to that doctor for dear life!!!!


Some people either get into medicine for the wrong reasons, or burn out after years of seeing sick people. Others are genuinely called to heal and draw strength from the patients they can help.

I've also noticed there is a tendency among certain medical professionals to be dismissive or brusque with elderly patients or women; I'm not sure why this is but it always bothers me. We have a rule here: never call anyone Granny or Auntie unless they specifically request it, and always, always listen to the patient when they complain of something. Take people seriously. Sometimes a problem isn't readily apparent, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

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