Retail Hell Underground: UK "Next" Retailer CEO Lord Wolfson Gives His $3.7 Million Bonus To Employees

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I am very happy to hear that there are still some important and rich people out there who opt to help out others less fortunate than them.


Holy crap I think I've just seen the retail equivalent of a unicorn! A Big Boss who is unselfish, generous and kind!

The Last Archimedean

Ilia, doesn't CostCo's boss do pretty much the same thing? I even remember a post on this site about him not so long ago.


Ya know... if more companies did this, there would be a lot less people LOOKING for jobs here. People would be able to get back to work and accomplish goals again. The farther they keep pushing that 1% the harder the rest of us are going to fall.


I think CostCo's CEO actually takes a much lower salary than many other CEOs. I think I would rate that higher than giving their bonus away once, though I am impressed by that and I hope he continues to do that every year (and more). That's also very cool of Michael Bloomberg and the president of Uruguay. I'm sure $1,250 must last longer than it does here, though.

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