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Stuff like this make me wonder 1) who hired this dude, and 2) why? I mean, I can guess about nepotism, or maybe he presents well in interviews, but damn. Swearing at customers means that your job is going to be short-lived.


Sounds like he'd do great in Amy and Samy Whatevers ABC Bakery.


I'd hate to imagine working with that guy. I feel sorry for the second co-worker and the folks at the Golden Arches that have to put up with that nonsense.


Why pay for just food when you get your pizza with us our workers treat you like crap for free!

The Kid

I'll admit to swearing at some crusties in my head - but that's an important distinction, because no one can hear me swearing at them in my head.
And I wouldn't swear at people for going to a different store - are you kidding me?!
That teenager could technically charge that employee with uttering threats, at least where I'm from.

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