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You can actually take them to small claims court and they owe you $500 for every time they've called after you asked to be put on the DNC list. They are required by law to have a DNC policy and it must be presented to you on demand. So either their employees are ignorant which will get them into trouble or they're arrogant enough to think no one knows their rights. I looked up the laws for my dad because he kept getting calls like that.


Unfortunately, DNC does not apply if you have an existing relationship with the company.


Sorry, Headant- Screaming is correct. You're right that the National DNC list in the US doesn't apply if you have an existing relationship, but they still have to have an internal list of some kind. They aren't allowed to keep calling you despite being told "No, do not call me again ever, place me on your DNC list, let me send you a video of myself rejecting you via interpretive dance, did you get the cookies I sent that spelled out Do Not Call Me in fudge icing :) ?..."

Honestly, at this point I'd threaten to make a legal harassment claim next time they call, considering this is so constant and you've rejected them in no uncertain terms several times. I don't know if it's actually possible to sue, since harassment and stalking laws (which this would be if it were an individual doing it) vary so widely depending on jurisdiction, but the threat should be enough.

Deliver the threat of a lawsuit calmly, and to the highest supervisor you can get a hold of. Seriously. Say "If you call me again I will file a lawsuit for harrassment, this is at least the hundredth time you have called me, and every time we've spoken I've told you not to call again. This is illegal, and must stop. Never call me again, under any circumstances."

Sorry, this ticked me off.


@ScreamingOffKey: Does that apply in Canada? (I know who she's talking about, and Smellus is a Canadian company that AFAIK only does business in Canada.)

Ah, Smellus... had a friend way out in Alberta who had her Internet service with them, once upon a time. I think that may have ended when they abruptly decided that her email should be delivered to someone she'd never heard of, and vice versa.

Kitty Claus

I feel your pain. we've been getting a call for someone who has never lived here for the past 3 years and they will not stop calling us. I've lost count of the amount of times i've asked to be put on their DNC. not sure what the laws are like in the UK regarding it though

The Last Archimedean

I don't mind getting calls from companies for someone who *doesn't* live here anymore, because they weren't intending to call ME. So asking them to put MY name on their DNC list is a bit ridiculous, they need to fix their database and update it with the person's phone number who they were intending to call.

I have a BIG problem with unsolicited phone calls when the cold caller is actually targeting ME. Those are the ones where I, as politely as I can, tell them never to call again.


@BPFH I live in Saskatchewan if that helps. It is a Canadian law.


Yep, the DNC can be avoided if you have a 'buisness relationship' with the company. Which is how so many telemarketers get around it.

You know those contests in the mall/state fair/other event that offer you to win a free motorcycle/car/boat/whatever? Yeah, look at the rules sometime on the back? See all those companies? By filling in that form, you agree to a buisness relationship with them, and they are allowed to call you for the next SIX MONTHS.

I worked at a telemarketer for two weeks (I got fired for not making enough sales, cause I wasn't gonna lie, or try to sell to churches/people that really didn't want it), and that's how they got most of their numbers.

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