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While it makes a lot of business sense, I don't think I like the idea of charging for time rather than for drinks,unless maybe they charged a little less than the cafe in the article. I could see places like Starbucks in the U.S. moving toward this kind of model, but one of the things I love about cafes in Europe is that the culture is that you sit there for hours and catch up with friends or people-watch, while the U.S. is more likely to hurry you along so you'll free up the tables for more customers. Also I think it might be worth it if I'm not going to stay there very long, but €6.50 (if my math is right) for 2 hours is more than I would spend on drinks, and less time than I would usually spend in a cafe. I think I would feel pressured to move along.


I'm thinking the setting of clocks to weird times is deliberate - The more her customers lose track of time, the more time they will spend, and the more the cafe owner makes... 's why there never are any clocks at all in casinos.



Interesting. That might be a good place to study.


That would be an AWESOME place to hold a DnD campaign.

Or a big MtG match!

Hell, if they have Cards Against Humanity it could become quite the party.

Pirate Mouse

I use to remember an arcade kind of like this. You paid a certain fee to get in the door, the games were a nickle or you could play the rows of free games.

I think it would make a good model. Though I wonder how hard it would be to keep track of people and the honesty. Since you don't pay up front, it seems? Unless they have some sort of cashier guarding the door to pay as you leave.


An interesting idea, but I would be pissed as all Hell about the misleading clocks. If you are charging for time, than intentionally misleading customers about the amount of time that is pasding, than you are cheating them.

The Last Archimedean

grmrsan, that's what watches were made for. You can keep track of your time yourself.


Or you could look at one clock, note the position of the hands and just reference it when needed. I agree it would be perfect for all sorts of tabletop gaming. And I don't know about the rest of you, but the cafe's in my area typically charge around 5 dollars for the cheaper drinks.

Poetry Otter

But what about lonely people who don't have much money and just want to be around people for a bit? They don't bother anyone.. I'm not one of them, I usually take away my coffee and drink it out because I'm a happy loner, but still.. :0


Coffee + Cards Against Humanity = yep, I'm in. Sounds like quite a good model, especially since I know places where someone will nurse a small black coffee ALL DAY and never buy anything else, and someone who wants to have a light meal has no table to put it down because of the campers.


I wouldn't mind going here either, especially if they served other stuff besides coffee. Heck, just lots of teas to try and I'd be happy.


I'm not from the US but I'd love a place like this... I don't drink coffee and sometimes I just want somewhere to sit and chill or catch up with friends rather than somewhere to eat and drink as the main activity. This would be perfect :)


At first it doesn't sound too bad, and then I realized that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the "special" things they offer is offered at pretty much any of my locally owned coffee shops... board games, unlimited coffee, beautiful living room style rooms... Yeah. We already have that. And I don't have to pay $24 to hang out for an afternoon!

I also note they don't say anything about what KIND of unlimited coffee you're getting... even if it's fancy starbucks style coffee it probably wouldn't be worth that price, but I suspect it's more like a pot of caf and decaf, at which point, may I direct you to the $2 unlimited coffee in like six shops in even MY tiny town?

All in all, it sounds like a ripoff. Plenty of coffee shops in America are already offering all of those things for free. This might be better for pre-arranged meetings like tabletop games, since I'm 100% sure if you tried to play one of those in a public coffee shop they would ask you to leave unless you were buying A LOT of friggin coffee... but if all you want is a place to hang out and play some games, there are dozens of better options.


I'm with gmrsan- the customers would only really know to check only one clock (or their watch only) if they knew ahead of time that all the clocks were wrong. I doubt she tells everyone that when they walk in the door. Charging for time + deliberately screwing up her customers sense of time in order to "take their minds off the clocks" (and how much money they're spending)= trying to cheat them. I
mean, really.

Not to mention, that's a recipe for a freakout when someone looks at the wall clock and thinks they're late for something now or missed something important- I hate that feeling of "wait, how is it x:00 already? Did I lose track? I can't believe I missed my interview/doctor's appointment/dinner date! *Panic*" Even if they figure out what's wrong, you still are likely to cause a minute or two of total panic- not exactly the goal of relaxing with a coffee.

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