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sorry to read she was crusty to you. you might want to role play snotty customers (on an "pre open for business" time) with the newbie-coworkers. and, next time you might want to say something like "ok, so 2 abc-style ice creams costs $x.00, add toppings for $x.00, and the juice, your total is (look at cash register) $Z.00. [don't make product, or hand it to customer until they pay]. You might have less "waste-age", though might have more "voids". good luck. ---S--- in southeast Mich


don't back down.
These kind of people will keep it up if they know complaining x number of times gets the result they want.


You didn't do anything wrong, per se. If anything it was more of a miscalculation on your part. You expected her to read the signs. Crusties don't read signs - and when they try to, they usually fail miserably because they only see what they want to see.

I find that the most successful way of relaying information to them is to dumb it down in a way that even a 5 year old can understand. No big words, do the math for them, and account for every penny. So in your case I would have given the price of a small ice cream, added that toppings cost extra, and would have given them their total before making the ice cream. At least that way you don't waste product if their total is more than they wanted to pay.

Also - cream cheese ice cream is my favorite.

Sales Agent Guy

If she didn't pay, then she should be banned from the store.


Yeah, don't back down on that. If anything, make them demand the manager. That way, Buster can decide if he wants to cave, taking the responsibility from you. And I agree with Shadowcat about reading back what the custy wants before making the order.
I like anything but Bubblegum ice cream.


I work near a border and deal with Indian customers quite often: your boss is right - they haggle, often with raised voices and repeated questions. You handled it properly (as far as I can tell) by answering her questions and then giving her the total price. If anything, try what Shadowcat suggested with future Indian customers - outline exact what they're getting before you serve it and state the prices. They'll still try to haggle but at least it'll be before the merchandise has been partially eaten. Also: it's not your boss being racist or bigoted towards them. It's part of their culture to haggle and some of them still have that habit. I've noticed it's usually the older ones who haggle more than the younger people.


I live in Virginia where sales tax is a relatively measly 5%, and $2.41 doesn't seem that high.
Two ice creams with toppings and a juice for under $10 seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I don't think you did anything wrong per se, although for future reference you should specify up front that there's a separate charge for toppings.


Nice, racial stereotyping and being offensive to the mentally handicapped in the same post


I thought you had to pay for ice cream before its made? At least that's how it is around my area.

Custard ice cream is one of my favorites!


The iffy side: you probably should've specified how much each item was and then the total. I also know that in ice-cream places around here (UK) you pay for your order pre-scooping. Perhaps it's a practice you can adopt?

The good side: you stuck up for how you run things in the store. If the customer doesn't like it, tough luck. I'm pretty sure it's an offence to order something, eat a bite of it, then refuse to pay for it (though not worth giving much of a damn about). The new kids who've just been hired could be shadowing with staff who have been there a while, and will be told to pay attention to crusty encounters plus be taught what is appropriate to say to such crusties in case of such encounters.

Finally: coffee, chocolate and hazelnut combo, with a sauce of any flavour with rum in it.


Unfortuneatly this somewhat happened to me a few weeks back, I even posted about it on this, basically a man trying to intimidate me into giving him his coupon, now I know the 2 younger staff members would've given it, hell, my regional manager would've given in.... I found out today that the man complained, cost our trading account £100 and that said regional manager is going to phone on Monday with more details. *sigh*


Ah I forgot my favorite flavour :D I work with ice cream so its soooo hard, gotta be the Honeycomb Caramel flavour we sell (which is terrible for my wallet, lol)


I absolutely HATE dealing with Indian crusties!! It's in their blood to haggle, and man do they haggle. I worked at a pizza joint where we had a 2 mediums for 6.99 each and this man demanded that he should get it as 6.99 for BOTH pizzas D:< When I tried to explain policy, he played the racist card on me! Thankfully at my (not so) new job there are less of them :)

You did not do anything wrong per say, just you should have waited to scoop the ice cream until after she paid. That way, when she stormed out you would not have any wasted good food to throw out.

Modified Cat

I agreed with what most people are saying about tallying up the order with each item's price and then the total before making things, but I also wanted to make an observation. I am visually impaired. I often ask the counter person what the price of something is (or several somethings) because I cannot see the menu. There have been times where I haven't been able to read a menu that's very close to me because of the colors or font or whatever. I've stood there with my credit card in hand, and I've hand cashiers and counter people be very rude to me because I'm asking them questions that "should" be obvious. I now wear dark sunglasses and use a service dog and/or carry a white cane, but I didn't use to -- and so I didn't look anything but "able bodied" to them even though I was far from it. I'm not saying this was the case here or even that you were anything but polite; I'm just saying that you shouldn't judge someone just because they're asking you to read off the menu for them.

Cake batter ice cream is my favorite, with sweet cream being a close second. ^.^


While I agree that this woman was entirely unreasonable, I have a philosophy when it comes to customers that want to haggle (and thank goodness I have the okay from the boss to exercise it within reason). Instead of focusing on what I can't do for them, I focus on what I *can* do.

I think some people have an intense need to feel they are getting a "deal." If you can offer coupons or any kind of extra to them, a lot of times you can turn a negative reaction into a positive one.

Then again, if you can't, you can't.

Projection Peon

Ah yes, dealing with Indian customers can be quite trying at times. We show bollywood features, and it never fails that we plenty of issues with them. Buying discount tickets online, then printing out the same one multiple times. Crowd around the ticket stand and think we won't notice there are 10 people trying to get in and only 6 tickets. Or figuring that if they hold their 7 year old and cover them with a blanket, we will let them in free (2 and under are no charge).

Favorite ice cream? Spumoni all the way.


I had an Indian gal haggle with me over the price of some tile at The House Outlet. I was busy and stressed, so just to shut her up I gave her a paper for 10% off at the register. Ten minutes later she comes back up to me and tells me she wants 20% off. Nothing wrong with the tile, by the way, she was just a Rat from Hell. I hold my hand out for the paper, she hands it to me thinking I'm gonna change it. Instead, I tear it up and walk away. I'm freaking amazed she didn't complain, or if she did, I never heard about it. One of my favorite moments of retail.

Skoolie junkie

What's worse than an Indian customer...an Indian merchant. I've been overcharged a number of times and when I catch them, they point to the register and play dumb. I'll point to the sign on the wall and tell them that's what I'm going to pay and if they don't refund the difference, there will be hell to pay.

To the guy whining about racist comments, shut your pie hole. I'm a camel jockey and I hate dealing with my kind also. Stereotypes don't come from thin air, they are based on truth and to deny that is makes you retarded. Oops, did I just say that?

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