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Trucker Bitch

I don't get this whole trend of taking you animal into stores if it isn't a service animal. The only stores I have ever taken my dog into are pet stores. He does travel everywhere with me, but stays in my car or truck. Except when it's too hot or cold out. Then my dog either stays at home if there is someone else there or I drop him off at a local doggie daycare while I do errands.


I love dogs, but even I know better than to take one shopping with me. The salespeople shouldn't have to be responsible for picking up dog dookie, they don't work in a boarding facility. now I like it when customers come through drive thru with their dogs, that's cool. The second they try to bring it inside, tho, they get their asses kicked out. There are just too many things to list that could go wrong when you bring a dog into a store or resturant. Nine times out of ten, they're not even trained anyway. sad.


It is illegal to require a service dog to have a vest. Not all owners want to make it obvious or can afford the vest.

The only thing you are allowed to ask a person who has there dog with them is:

Is this dog a service dog?
What duties does this dog perform?

If the owner cannot answer this reasonably or the dog is being disruptive or agressive then you can ask them to leave.

Also those little purse sized dogs CAN be service dogs. they can be trained as siezure or diabetic or panic attack dogs. Even dogs that alert those who are deaf to certain noises.

So while i dont agree with everyone bringing "foofie" everywhere stores do need to be carefull as they can easily cross a line.


Funny, in my store anyone who brings in a dog is instantly our favourite customer of the day. We looooove puppies (and hate people, for the most part). Guy had a Pomeranian the other night, he was the cutest fluffbucket, absolutely made my day. :-)

Hellbound Alleee

Dogs should not be carried around. They are dogs. They should walk.


Dogs also shouldn't be in carts. Because children put their mouths on them and people put their food in them.

I dont mind dogs as long as they are behaving, because there isn't much that can be done anyway

Without Nametag

That's just it, Nubbinz. There are totally people out there with service animals, who NEED those animals to be with them. I feel like the people who take their dogs shopping "just because" kind of ruin for people who have dogs with them for legitimate reasons. I know of someone who trained a King Charles Spaniel to detect his health issues and react to them before they struck. If this woman had come up to me and said "Help, my helper dog has wandered off!", I probably would have been willing to put off going upstairs to help her out. Then again, I'm assuming that dogs trained to be helper dogs would be better trained, knowing not to leave their owner's side. I'm hoping that this woman took this scary situation and decided that her dog would be safer left at home (and not in the car, either. RAWR).


Yeah a helper dog would be better trained.

I just saw in your story that you have seen places with service dogs must have vests and wanted to let you know they can't say that or enforce it.


I have to admit, I personally loved it when someone would bring a dog with them when I worked at the Big Box Guitar store, just because I adore dogs so much. (If beagles ran the world, all of our problems would be solved. We would just need to hide the bunnies) ;)
But at the same time, I can see some dogs being really miserable having to ride in a purse while h/er person shops.

Book Baby

My dogs are allowed in our bank. They will ask me WHERE the dogs are if they are NOT with me! That being said, I don't take them other places except for the local farm store all dogs are allowed there) and Petco/Petsmart/local pet supply store.

However, my animals have better manners than nearly ALL kids and are cleaner than many people! They don't pull clothes off of hangers, open packages, whine for toys or have temper tantrums when something is NOT on sale. They are quiet, polite and are ALWAYS under control.


I remember people bringing their dogs to Home Depot when my mom and I went shopping for a veggie garden. The dogs were outside though (as far as I could tell).

One was a beagle on the leash, whose only real crime was barking a lot (as an owner of two of them, it ain't a surprise. Beagles are notorious barkers) and biting people who pet him, mostly because he was in "rough play" mode. Luckily he had a piece of wood to chew on so he was ok.

There was a couple that had two small dogs, but were either holding them or keeping them in a basket that was in their cart.

So yeah, people were controlling their dogs.


I don't understand the attraction of bringing your dog shopping. I don't even particularly like bringing my dog when shopping at Petsmart. I'm so preoccupied with controlling my dog that not only can I not enjoy my shopping, but any time I have to do anything more than "walk around and hold the leash" - especially when it comes to checking out and having to fiddle with my wallet - it becomes about 20 times more difficult than usual.

The dog is fine at home and I don't feel bad about leaving him there. One time, though, a company tried to market mail order dog food to me by trying to guilt trip me about leaving the dog at home while I bought him food. Which is the stupidest marketing campaign ever because while I obviously don't appreciate the attempted guilt trip, I COULD just bring him with me to Petsmart when I buy his food since they allow dogs! Therefore your entire marketing campaign is pointless.

Modified Cat

Some service dog training organizations, such as some of the guide dog foundations, do not teach the dogs to do things like coming when off leash. They don't do this on the basis of the dog should never be separated from the handler, as well as to get through training faster. So, while a service dog should be better trained than to wander off, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

I had a friend who had a guide dog from one of the major foundations that didn't teach off leash recall. While we were out shopping, her dog's collar and leash came off due to a piece of faulty equipment. Since she hadn't put him in a down/stay, he wandered off a few paces before it was noticed. Luckily he wasn't the distractible type or he could have wandered further. I've found that sometimes people forget that service dogs, while well trained, are still dogs and do make mistakes.

As for pets being in stores in general, I do wish our society were more animal friendly. Whenever we do encounter a dog in a hardware store or similar place, it invariably freaks out at the sight of my service dog. Perhaps if dogs were allowed to go more places and people were encouraged to be more responsible with the training and care of their dogs, this wouldn't be such a problem. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

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