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VOMIT. There's nothing worse than having to work both your job and a coworker's job because they're too lazy to do it. I think we've all been there at one time or another.

Sales Agent Guy

And I thought Mr. Lazy was bad. Was she actually fired or was this just a possibility?


At this point, she's still on probation for not improving. The owner had to comp a meal for someone because they specifically asked if there was any shellfish in the dishes they were ordering and instead of checking the menu or asking the cooks she said no. The customer had ordered one of the Chinese combos that had shrimp. Customer was allergic to shellfish. Owner told Lazy it's her last chance and if she didn't improve this week she's gone.


I feel you. I work a graveyard shift and have to split the hours with this other idiot. Unfortunately my company won't fire him. He couldn't over the course of a year learn to file so they just told him to stop and let me do all of it. He also calls in every other saturday he's supposed to cover. Drives me nuts.

The Last Archimedean

I hate lazy employees.

How can someone not know how to file? It's very simple if you know the alphabet. "File it under A for Anderson." Management must be incompetent if someone like that hasn't been fired.


Our filing system is a little more complicated than that, not a lot more but it is slightly more difficult. As far as management. I feel confident having frequented this site for years and having read the entire backlog that not even in the worst companies would these idiots get to management level. I'm fairly certain some of them or only a few IQ points from being mentally handicapped.

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