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Beware the Paperwork Singularity, once you cross the event horizon you've never seen again.
I also dislike spouses, they're the bane of all sales people. When I was selling power equipment with the big H on the front or grills with the big W on them, I'd cringe whenever I heard the word spouse. Because 99% of the time you'll never see them again.


Yeah, let us know when those mutant powers kick in - I'd like a less-humid summer and no snow ;)
When everything feels awful and you're totally stressed-out, take my teacher's advice: Pie is always the answer.
Hope you have a good Mother's Day, Little Slave.


I feel your pain at least as far as filing goes, but I see a little orange answer to filing problems right in the desk. ;)


Ah that makes me glad that I live where I do. And yet another reason I can never move anywhere it snows. I don't have to take seasons into consideration when having work done.


My little boy (I know he's 12, but he's still my baby) woke me up on Saturday morning with breakfast. It was a day early, but so cute! Oh and PS: I'm getting a new job. I will now be working for the man later this summer.

Bitch Boy

As someone who works with a security clearance, be VERY, VERY careful of what documents you photograph and WHERE you post them!

Not only could you lose your job, but it could also be grounds for a lawsuit....

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