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Merde sut quele malheur

Grande nation


I confess it actually took a minute for me to get the joke. Clearly the LV is for Louis Vutton (sp?). I buy most of my clothes thrift shops and even I know that. That being said, I Want That Shirt!! Why can't that be a real shirt?

Queer "Don't Believe the Hype" Geek

Oh please. Stick a VL on anything and hike up the price to a thousand is ridiculous. Las Vegas bags my ass. More llike Loserville bags to me!


OMG, I would carry the shit out of a Voldemort bag. I bet the signature color would be dark green with silver hardware, and lots of it would be snakeskin....


God you had me going for a minute! I thought a Lord Voldemort fashion line was a thing now!

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