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"Next time, expect a spit pizza."

Asshole. It's people like you who give non-tippers the ammunition they're looking for to justify their own assholish behavior.

Make people WANT to tip you, not fear that they HAVE to or you'll commit a crime and taint their food.


I think you should read the comment in it's entirety there, Friend. OP is saying that to the people who point blank say "You don't deserve a tip".

That's different from saying "No tip." I mean, it's still shitty, don't get me wrong but it's not a douche-move. "You don't deserve a tip" is like rubbing salt in an already open wound.


ALso, assholes don't NEED ammunition to justify their behavior. That's what makes them assholes.


Can't believe people would want a replacement pizza AND a refund... pull your head out of your asses people, you are ALREADY getting 2 pizzas for the price of 1. Even if pizza #1 was wrong, what do you care? It's FREE.

I once did have to call in for a replacement pizza, with a very good reason. I'd started the order online, but I wanted a LOT of toppings on it. I'm talking a metric fuckton. I ended up having so many toppings, it maxed out the online order form and I had to call in to get everything I wanted. This pizza was LOADED. The toppings more than tripled the original cost of the pizza. So, it's delivered, and the moment I bite into it I'm regretting spending all that money, because it tasted like crap. Completely bland and nothing like it should've. I finish my first piece, then before eating my second I peel back the cheese and discover why.

I'd been splitting the pizza with my roommate, who does not like olives, but I LOVE them. I can eat an entire can of them straight-up. So I ask for extra olives, but only on one half. The guy interpreted this as 'nothing BUT olives on one half'. So instead of getting chicken, bacon, prawns, spinach, roasted garlic, red onions, and at least a half dozen other things, I had just spent over 30$ for 3 slices of olive and cheese. Understandably, I was pretty upset. I called in, had my new pizza within 15 minutes, then called again to thank them for being so polite and prompt with the correction. And the new pizza loaded with everything tasted MARVELOUS.

It just boggled my mind, though. I mean, why on earth would someone phone in a pizza with the works, spend that much money, and get only 1 topping on half of it? Maybe they thought I was vegetarian, but in that case why wouldn't I have asked for the garlic, mushrooms, onion&etc on that half as well? If I had allergies, why would I risk cross-contamination by sharing half a pizza with allergens?

In the end, I just chalked it up to the fact that the person taking my order sounded like English was not his first language and simply misunderstood what I was asking. Still confuses me for above reasons, but in the future I will make more of an effort to make myself as clear as possible about what I am asking. I can't imagine the pizza slaves were too happy to have to make another pizza and drive it out again. I gotta give kudos to them, though; they were very good-natured about the whole thing. It probably helped that I didn't call back in a rage demanding this and that and someone should be fired... just stated calmly that I hadn't recieved what I ordered, clarified what I actualy wanted, and thanked them when they offered a replacement. Their attitude also helped calm me down quite a bit... I was so upset at first that my legs were actually shaking when I dialed their number. But, all's well that ends well, and in th end I got 2 pizzas for the price of 1. You really can't complain about that, and I will definitely order from them again thanks to their good customer service. I'll just be a little more clear next time.

Not Perfect

I've heard that some places charge the drivers for prank oders. Is that true? If so it's a real dick move, they shouldn't have to pick up the slack for some asshole who's getting off scot free.


I doubt anyone here advocates actually spitting in a pizza irrespective of how bad it gets; it probably goes without saying that's simply just venting about what they feel like the customers deserve for their assholish attitudes.

NC Tony

Never had the problem with delivery pizza, but I did once have a problem at the store (I think I may have submitted an entry about this so I'll try to keep it short). I had ordered a pizza that was half pepperoni/half mushroom. The girl who took my order misunderstood and had them make a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. I politely explained that was not what I had ordered and the manager (who was standing right there) just told her and me not to worry about it and had the correct pizza made and gave it to me for free.

But I always tip the drivers, I know the gas money comes out of their pockets, and there are plenty assholes out there who think that tipping is a city in China.


Okay I have to admit when I saw the posts about cracking down on trolls I thought it was a little silly and overkill. However after reading a few of the comments here where people are intentionally taking things out of context I can kind of understand it.
Back on track, a thank you to the OP for an inside look at the frustrations of pizza delivery. I have always tipped for delivery before, now I know how important that is.


I would just like to clarify (I'm the OP), I would actually never, ever spit in someone's pizza. I wouldn't like it done to me. I just get so frustrated with customers sometimes that it's a fleeting thought.

Secondly, I have never been charged for a prank call. It counts as a store loss.

Thirdly, I always give back change. I have literally driven to the middle of nowhere, and 90% of the time the customers are so happy that you made it they do tip you, and the other 10% will usually apologise and say they're sorry for no tip. I have NEVER not given back change- that is a completely douche move.

So, yeah, just thought I'd clarify some things.

Soft Ice Girl

Good thing you clarified!
I was just about to write an angry comment about how shitty it is to spit in food ;)
Hopefully your list gets around!


I'd never spit in someone's food, but seriously having someone tell you 'you don't deserve a tip' would definitely make me want to! It's one thing to just not tip, but to throw it in their face too also an asshole move.


In the place we lived until last summer, we were fifteen minutes from town and always made sure to tip, because only one place delivered that far out and we didn't want to lose the service!!

Another place we lived in had a fenced in yard that extended across the driveway, but not the whole driveway; there was easily room to pull a car in off the road. We had dogs (hence the fence) so we always told the pizza places to NOT come to the door, but just to pull in and honk, and we'd come out to them.

No problem with any driver ever in years of ordering pizzas, except once. We're expecting a honk, but what we get is a knock at the door. The dogs go nuts, we open the door, and she's left the gate wide open.

Wide. Open. ><

Jenny R. Villalobos

I disagree with the customer who told you that he wouldn't tip any more drivers as the last one was rude about the tip. I've never worked in any kind of delivery service but I strongly feel each person should be tipped based on their own individual service. NOT based on what other drivers did. You had nothing to do with the last driver's service. I always tip at least 20% when I order pizza. I've never had a bad driver but if I did I'm not going to take it out on all the future drivers. That is ridiculous.

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