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She smokes American Spirits more than likely that or herbal cigs. its possible she might also have something going on causing her rank halitosis.


Reminds me of my idiot brother. Has to drive all the way across town at eleven o'clock at night because he's thirsty and that's the only place that carries his brand of water that's still open at that hour. Can't just have a drink of water out of the tap, oh no, because although it is glacial spring water and about the single most uncontaminated water supply on the planet, this taking place in northern British Columbia, the old pipes in the house are copper. OooOOOoh, copper. Scary. WHO KNOWS what horrible, nasty things light be leaching into the water from the fifty-year-old plumbing system???

Don't even get him started on why he can't just have a drink of juice or milk.

To me, that would mean maybe letting the water run for a bit, because our house was about a hundred and fifty feet from the pump house and maybe fifty tops from the water main that serviced the street, and if he was that worried about it, it would be pretty damned easy to just run the water a bit until you had the really, really fresh stuff right there.

But then, if it were me, I wouldn't be complaining about the scary, scary copper pipes possibly leaching, um, copper into the water, and would maybe be not smoking a couple of packs of cigarettes a day. You know, if scary, scary chemicals getting into my system were an issue. *Eyeroll*

Me I don't care about the copper pipes. I also don't smoke. He does, and he does. Which is why I say he's an idiot.


I can not stand the cult that organics have caused it just drives me nuts.


They probably COULD make organic cigarettes. They could definitely grow the tobacco organically at least.


I'm with Skittles, I hate the organic cult. Especially when they assume that everything genetically modified is instantly bad, and anything natural is instantly good. Anthrax is "organic" ffs.

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