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Such... classy girls. Ouch, my tongue started bleeding by how hard I bit it there.

But Pepper is cool, the way he handled that was awesome.


Could you not say something to the gym manager about StuckUp and Snob. They're creating a negative environment for people that want to get in shape. Some people have a hard enough time going to the gym as it is because of the very idea that there might be people like those girls at the gym, how would those people feel if they were to encounter them, well they're trying to make a change for themselves.


I love you Kare bear. Seriously I do. You know some awesome people and you always have great tales to tell.
God I love when bitches like that get told. Especially in a way like this. I hate it when people will criticize people for being chubby or fat and make fun of them and even more so when they do it when the person is going to the gym or working out. They make fun of you for being overweight(or even if you're not but are simply heavier than them and still do it even if you do work out.)
I'm curious, were these girls actually working out? Or just standing there and ogling at what they can't have?


I enjoyed the hell out of that... thank you! :D


@ Canary: Both Pepper and I have spoken to the gym manager before. Nothing has been done though, obviously. The manager happens to be a younger guy. Pepper and I have speculated that he might be getting it on with them. I'm not entirely sure how many people have actually heard them speaking their crap though. Most people who come in plug in headphones to their heads and go about their business.

@MahiMahi: They work out. Occasionally. Or at least fake it enough to make it look like something is happening. They are usually working a few places over from Pepper and I...usually behind us now that I think about it...might be spending more time watching Pepper's ass than working out. I don't really pay that much attention to them.


In most states, harassment, even of a verbal variety, is against the law, and if an offender has repeatedly failed to stop, you're within your rights in most cases to apply for a restraining order. Free speech does not extend to the right to bother others, and unless you live in an extremely urban area, I'm pretty sure the bitchy girls crossed the line into violation of local obscenity ordinances, and if Pepper really wanted to, it's entirely possible that the 'we'll show you a good time' and 'future fuck buddy' comments could be read by a conservative but logical police officer as solicitation. Really. They could be taken downtown to chill with the working girls in County for that sort of language. Not saying that's right or how things should be...but since it is...well, does Tank have any cop friends who might like to come work out with you on a buddy pass?

If it were me, I'd inform the manager that the next time something happens with these excuses for women, he may have to be explaining to Corporate just why there were arrests made and restraining orders issued on company property, how Channel Four heard about it, and why he didn't stop it before it became a scandal. Point out, also, that he now has the choice between risking the business of the many paying customers these people have made uncomfortable on premises they have signed a contract and are paying for the quiet enjoyment and use thereof, the reputation of the establishment and his own employment, or of doing something about it.

Mainly, I just really enjoy it when vulgar, obnoxious women are mistaken for prostitutes and threatened with arrest not only for the harassment and obscenity they did commit, but the worse crime that is merely both plausible from their behavior and absolutely career-ruining.

Queer "I Need to Workout" Geek

Oooo burn! You can't fix ignorant skanks like Stuckup and Snob! Personally, I hate gyms and prefer to do my workouts from home particularly with aerobic and cardio exercises. Plus, if I make a mistake or look like a fool no one sees it. LOL!

If I was a member of that particular gym and I was being harrassed, I would go to management and request to end my gym membership contract. If they refuse, I would got higher up until something was done about the situation. No business wants to lose customers especially if word of mouth began to spread of how unwelcoming the establishment is.


I will never understand how people think insulting someone makes them more attractive to someone who has never had any interest in them. Yes talk trash about the person I am with(regardless of relationship) is really gonna make me suddenly want you...as if.

Pepper has earned a round of applause for that response.

The Last Archimedean

I like "Pepper", he handled that with great skill. He didn't yell and scream and make a big scene, he stayed calm and managed to put the two skanks in their place.

As for the sluts... I'll haul out a quote one of my friends used in college when a mutual friend was making a drunken fool of himself at a party and whined that a girl who had just shot down his advances was "making him look stupid". My friend told drunk boy, "No one needs to help make you look stupid, [name]. You're doing a fine job of that all by yourself."


Are you kidding me?

Wow. I workout at an on campus gym and I've never seen behavior like that!

NC Tony

I immediately thought of the late great George Carlin. I'm changing the joke slightly to fit the situation, but from what you described I can picture Pepper saying "Even if I were straight, I wouldn't fuck you with a stolen dick."

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