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Please keep us updated.

Hopefully this cheesecake rapist will be fired befor she destroy your Reputation as a baker

The Last Archimedean

What an idiot. I would have loved to have seen her reaction when she realized her attempt to make rabbit food did NOT go over well.

Personally, I would consider that a firable offense if I was the boss, and canned her on the spot. She screwed up a very large, very important event by deviating from the instructions without asking permission. Who knows how much $$$ she cost you guys in the long run? Given that 100 people now could tell all their friends about a very negative experience...


Well, someone just put the ASS in assume. I say, take her out back, beat her with a rubber hose, and rub steak drippings all over her face. That's essentially what she did to the clients at the banquet ( not the rubber hose part tho). Hopefully she gets shit canned for that.


As someone who has worked in a bakery, and someone who has food allergies that disallow non-vegan dessert options, I can tell you with absolute certainty that This Lady Is An Idiot. Anyone with some mediocre knowledge of baking and two brain cells to rub together would simply not do this type of thing.

PS: Vegan cheesecake doesn't involve corn starch at all, it involves bananas and soy cream cheese substitute to get to the right consistency and taste. Mine does, anyways. There are a few recipes floating around in cyberspace that use cashews or dates as well. So not only is she an idiot, she's an idiot that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a kitchen.


People like her are the reason everyone hates vegans. Me, I'll stick to my wolf-like roots and continue a steady diet of steak, burgers, and other meats.


She's lucky that she kept her job and that the hotel didn't get sued. As someone with a serious allergy to any and all Soy products, had I been at the event and eaten this "vegan" cheesecake, assuming I didn't end up in the hospital, I guarantee I would've pulled a crusty and demanded she be fired.

Without Nametag

@TechNoLogic - I'm baffled as to what recipe she used, as most of the vegan recipes that I've seen also call for nuts as thickeners, not corn starch. I know many recipes for cheesecake ask for small amounts of flour to counteract extra flavorings (my next job involved making nothing BUT cheesecake for a commercial bakery), but my only guess is that she grabbed the corn starch thinking it was flour? But then why did she need so much flour that it ended up tasting like corn starch? (God, I can still feel that squeaky feel in my mouth. VOMIT.)

And SHIT, y'all. I never even thought about allergies. What if one of those guests had asked about ingredients because of allergies and the banquet staff had just grabbed a copy of the regular recipe to show them? They'd never know. This chick really didn't care about anyone but herself.
I have a few more stories from Baker Bitch to post, but rest assured, her "happily never after" will be covered in Without Nametag's Big Goodbye ;)

Queer "Vegan Cornstarch Cheesecake Anyone?" Geek

Keep us posted! And yes, this bitch should've been fired for screwing up royally. That was money that was flushed down the toilet.


That's funny my first thought was that cornstarch is a terrible way to make a vegan cheesecake. My second thought on the other hand is how silly "vegan cheesecake" sounds when you say it.

The Science Ninja

I know what you mean about shovy vegans. I am allergic to what people usually use to get protein when you're vegan. I worked with one woman who originally asked very politely for no meat to be eaten around her. Well, ok, bit annoying but being vegetarian just at dinnertime isn't unhealthy. But then she got aggressive and refused to let anyone eat anything that wasn't vegan and if she saw it went spare. At the end of my 4 weeks (it was just temporary) I was eating my lunch in the toilet cubicles cause she would inspect people's food and toss it if she suspected anything.


@without nametag
is there some kind of special flour that is poured similar to corn starch.

Corn starch is imho very different to flour in his way of floading out of the package and when you take is out with a spoon it is a little more work necessary to get the corn starn from the spoon than plain (i hope my bad english doenst affect my explanations to much).

Imho an educated baker who mistakenly take corn starch for flour should try a completely different occupation. Like you´ve written baking is chemistry. You need to know how the different ingredients react together and affect each other and you should know your ingredients too.

If she´d taken ingredients from her household, isnt that a total health hazard.

Be carefull that people dont gossip: Oh Without Nametag working in that hotel where they have the terrible pastries and desserts so she must be a terrible baker


I kicker is that vegans would be up in arms if they ordered a vegan cheesecake but the baker gave them a regular one and tried to pass it off as not having animal products...but this is okay!

Queer "A Baker Bitch's Worst Eneny" Geek

@Science Ninja

What is this crazy bitch? An owner? It discriminates against anyone who isn't a vegan. You have every right to eat an employee lounge or area your non-vegan food. Eating in a bathroom is ridiculous. If she flips out, that is her problem. If she has problem with non-vegans, maybe she shouldn't work in a place where the majority of everyone eats meat. I refused to be bullied if the problem persists, I would take it up with upper management.


I have severe intestinal reactions to soy. My coworkers thought I was pregnant because of "morning sickness" due to morning smoothies with soy, before I figured it out. If I had attended that banquet, without knowing about the soy in the cheesecake, I would not only hsve been spreading the word about the horrible desert, but I would also have been telling them about the horrible food poisoning I also got.

Without Nametag

@ Science Ninja - Sweet Thrognar, what the fuck was HER problem? Glad it was only temp, cuz I would have pitched a fit. It's fine to make a small-ish request, but not cool to go through other's food. I once did and "interview" of sorts where I was looking for a new place to live and checked out a room in a house with a vegan roommate. The room was a finished attic in a nice older neighborhood, and the couple with the house seemed nice enough... until she went judgmental vegan on me, and declared that no animal products were to be prepared in the kitchen. I would not be allowed to say, make a chicken pasta dish in my own pan because it was HER kitchen. If I had leftovers from outside, I could stash them in the fridge, in a container that she couldn't see into, but if that container had animal products, I could not reheat them in HER microwave. I thanked them politely and got the hell out of there. If you're going to police your roommate's diets, then you need to let potential interviewees know that you're looking for someone who shares your dietary needs.

The Last Archimedean

@Science Ninja:

I would go to the company cafeteria, buy the biggest bacon cheseburger they had, walk over to crazy vegan's desk and slowly eat it right in front of her, taunting her by offering her a bite. If she tried to to take it from me I'd kick her feet out from under her, then stand over her and keep slowly eating my bacon cheeseburger. I guarantee you within two minutes she'd run screaming from her desk.

And the really lovely thing is that the aroma of bacon cheeseburger would hang around for a while even after I was finished eating...

Without Nametag

@ CharlieWhiskyMike - I'm not sure if there's a flour that pours like corn starch, but you're right: flour and corn starch DO have a completely different consistency. I'm mostly just speculating because this happened some 12 years ago, and I STILL can't figure out what she thought she was doing. I guessed the corn starch/flour mix-up because corn starch is used as a sauce thickener, and maybe she was thinking along those lines? I can't be sure because I don't do much vegan baking/cooking at all. I just can't guarantee that the ingredients I'm using fall in line with their dietary needs. I leave that up to vegans to do. I'm actually also wary of making things for friends with food allergies, because I can't guarantee that there isn't any cross-contamination in my kitchen. When friends with allergies request baked goods from me, I make sure that i let them know about that, then they can decide if it's worth the risk.
I'm pretty sure that you're also correct about bringing in items from home. Not only dangerous, but possibly a health hazard. That was mostly me speculating again, just because I can't figure out where she would have gotten those ingredients... I suppose she could have stopped at the grocery store on the way to work that day. That's happened before, where you run out of a key ingredient, and someone gets sent to the store with cash to buy more.
The whole situation was just weird.


Miss Vegan shows how abundantly ignorant she is on the concept of food allergies. That could have been quite the epic lawsuit had anyone asked about the ingredients due to allergies, and the servers were ignorant about the switch.

DeptStore Diva

My sister in law is allergic to all corn products so there would have been major issues if she'd have ended up eating a corn starch cheesecake.

I used to work with one of those pushy vegetarians (she wasn't vegan, she would use eggs and cheese, just did not eat meat) and whenever anybody would be eating a meat product, she would make the animal noises. She never went as far as "don't ever eat meat in the same zip code as me", but she had the annoying animal noises down pat.


@Skittles: Yeah, it is kind of silly, I agree. I'm not vegan myself and in fact I'm kind of craving a bacon burger right now (thanks, TLA.) But, vegan desserts are great for people who are allergic to eggs and dairy but still want cheesecake and cookies and brownies and all other types of goodies, so there you have it. ^_^


@The Science Ninja,

I agree PPs. That is definitely not what I'd call polite.
If you were a guest staying in her home it'd be one thing, but it's way out of line to request co-workers change their eating habits in the work place to align with her dietary choices.
If she couldn't stand the sight of even someone else eating meat, she can remove herself and eat her lunch away from everyone else.
Even if she were the owner she had no right to make such a demand, much less to take it upon herself to inspect people's food!


No no no, you want to eat something with a face. so go for sardines straight out of the can if you can stomach them.

The Last Archimedean

I can indeed, Skittles. And I use a piece of bread to get the leftover oil in the tin.


Some people........That's really all you can say. I wonder what would happen if you starter cooking bacon in the microwave at work Science Ninja.


"she would inspect people's food and toss it if she suspected anything."


That is insane and probably illegal, and definitely theft. What the hell?!!?

When I was pregnant with my first, I just could not stomach any kind of protein other than canned tuna. So since I was trying to do everything right and eat properly, even though they said tuna only say once a week because of the possible mercury issues, it was that or nothing, so I pretty much lived off of tuna sandwiches at work. I'd bring in great stacks of them (along with veggies etc to balance it all out) because I was working the afternoon and night shifts, so I was basically eating my dinner there.

If I came downstairs and went to eat my food, only to find out that some asshole coworker had thrown half of my lunch out (and a really vital component of it, at that) the police would have had to be called because I'm pretty sure I would go batshit and assault her. Happily, being pregnant and having my food stolen because a vegan disagreed with my diet would probably have resulted in an acquittal, lol.

Seriously, who the fuck does that? I would repeatedly throw out her lunches for not having enough meat in them if management couldn't put a leash on her. That and eat steak tartar in front of her, because meat is delicious.

That's completely ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure counts as harassment and making a workplace hostile. Certainly it's theft and ought to be treated as such. Being forced to eat in the can is neither hygienic nor cool!

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