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Good Lord, what kind of hours does this store keep? 11 pm? Okay, I get that there was probably stuff to do after closing, but... 5 am? Crimony. I totally feel for you guys. Clo-penning is no fun even the hours are spaced far enough apart.


Sounds like your manager is an idiot. There's no reason for schedules like that, or at least rarely reasons for that crap.


^ Exactly- sounds like lazy or half-assed scheduling. Why on earth would someong deliberately set up a schedule that makes their workers less productive? (exhausted workers aren't exactly giving management bang for their buck). I mean, sheesh.


*someone (sp.)
We need an edit button!

Oh, and I'd always heard Clo-pening was called a swing shift, though Clo-pening is a fun name for it!

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