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Sadly, every single one of us who has worked a day in the service industry knows exactly who this was written for. Oh crustys, if we let you burn yourselves up the world would be such a better place....damn this "conscience" thing.


Anyone who doesn't get that gasoline and fire needs to swim in a pool of gasoline and then juggle ignited propane torches.

The Last Archimedean

I don't know how this isn't obvious to anyone over the age of 2...

Oh well. Common sense isn't very common these days.


Sadly, essentially every product safety warning label is the direct result of some moron getting hurt doing whatever the label is warning against.


Sadly, I know someone who spent months in agony after being set fire by trying to save his friends lives after they handed him a soda bottle full of gasoline to start a fire after a LARP session......He's much better now and even makes jokes about it!


There's a story somewhere on NotAlwaysRight about a gas station customer who is convinced that "petrol extinguishes fire".



"I'm not saying let's kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out."

Evolution in action.

Duke of URL

On a couple occasions while I was still in the Garden Center, I had the task of covering the People Greeter position for the GC gate. Due to the weather on at least two occasions, I was back in a corner instead of out by the gate, but I could still see the gate so it was OK. In that corner at that time were the gas cans, and every one of them had one of these labels on them. Each label has one of about 4-10 different, true stories about why gas and fire don't mix - each one is an example of people that don't know this.

I'll admit, I've poured diesel fuel on a fire before. I also got royally chewed out for it, too.

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