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Screw security, if some guy told me he was having sex with eleven year olds, I'd call the goddamn police! You realize he just told you he was an active pedophile right? That's not the sort of thing most people joke about.

The Singing Library Clerk

Heck, screw the police, the second a guy told me that I'd tell him to please do the world a favor and kill himself. And if he didn't have the courage I'd be happy to cut off his pedophile penis and let him bleed to death.

NC Tony

The sad thing is, with guys like this, they think they're funny, and don't get why other people give them disgusted looks when they say stupid shit like that.


Please, please, please tell me this douchebag was picking up STD meds.


@CoG I really hope he wasn't picking up STD meds. Frankly I doubt someone that scummy would take any steps to protect his partner from getting them.

Red Rider

A lot of the customers we get at our pharmacy are either old people getting their "maintenance meds" (the stuff that helps them live more comfortably/longer) or people picking up medicine to treat various mental illnesses. We learn not to take certain people too seriously, because a lot of them can't help it or don't think about how what they say comes across to others. Creeper didn't bother me, because quite honestly I've dealt with worse.


@Skittles: that's the thing. This guy DOESN'T strike me as someone who would protect his partner, which means he probably does have something. What I hope is that no one falls for his crap to the point of where he gives them something because... ew. Just ew.

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