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Casino First Responder

Sorry, I had to stop at the part where TravelPro's knee was killing her. I work through a paid EMS service that supplements a local tribal casinos in house EMS. While, where I work, security does not have the authority to hand out medical supplies (not even a band-aid), they are required to call us for assistance. Even if it's just an ice pack, we do a quick assessment, ask if they want to go to the hospital, have a refusal signed and let the patron go on their way. Security here has been trained to call even for the slightest injury. So that should've happened. Or maybe her boyfriend could've gone to concessions and gotten some ice for her. Just a thought. So that's kind of shitty on the part of security.

I don't know if I'd complain necessarily, but I would for sure write the casino and explain the situation and frustration of the concert portion only. I would mention the knee injury and state the unhelpfulness of staff to assist in an ice pack, and the replacement seats not being of equal quality. I would also go on and state what was done for the trouble of their mistake and that you were not at all satisfied/partly satisfied/completely satisfied with the solution the manager gave me. I would go on to state I'd most likely be back for the concert at a later date and am hoping they have reviewed their policies for ticket sales and guest injuries and are looking forward to a better experience for the next show.


Dear {Casino}

On {Date} I attended {Concert}. When I arrived I found that our seats had been given away due to a mistake in the ticketing system. Although event staff was helpful in trying to remedy the situation, it took 45 minutes to find replacement seats. During that time the standing exacerbated a prior injury I had, and the replacement seats left us at an odd angle, which again did not help in my prior injuries. Security was unhelpful in/unwilling to call(ing) EMS/someone to help provide an ice pack for relief during my wait. After the show, we spoke to the manager and {agreed upon settlement}.

I just wanted to take a moment to advise that although my experience wasn't as smooth as it could be, I am {level of happiness} with the outcome.

I plan on returning for {next concert} on {date} and am hoping that {Casinos} policies for the above situations have been reviewed and remedied not only for myself, but for all future guests.

travel pro

Casino First Responder

The note to the casino could also mention that although it's understood that policy dictates that refunds for tickets are to go on purchased Credit Card, the tickets were a gift and although the refund was appreciated, the credit will most likely not be enjoyed by the end user.

It's all about how it's worded and making it seek like they are not seeking anything other than an outlet to express concerns.


I would be pissed and definitely try to get the refund. Seriously why buy tickets if you're going to be shunted off to the side for 45 minutes then told you can't even get an ice pack. Then they'll comp you what $10 worth of food for probably at least $50 tickets. I'd at least let other people know about the experience if I knew they were going to consider going to an even their. Normally I don't take much offense at stuff but not offering a perfectly legitimate compensatory set of tickets or at least a discount after double booking is pretty unreasonable of them.

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