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Is it legal to make you deal with animals and human waste?


Yay for Raccoon Saving Canadia!

Not Perfect

You're brave tackling the raccoons on your own, I hate wild animals. I probably would have gone all passive aggressive and called animal control anyway.

The Last Archimedean

Very clever idea to make a ramp for the raccoons.

I like raccoons. They get a bad rap. If you want to pick an animal to hate, target mosquitoes or house flies. I think it was Martin Luther who claimed that while all other animals were created by God, the house fly was created by the Devil.


Considering raccoons are wild animals that do have a rep for biting and rabies, handling them improperly probably would be against workplace regulations: you are not trained to deal with wild animals, you don't have the proper equipment to treat rabbies or other infectious diseases, and it is not in the job description that you should be handling wild animals.

I would have called Animal Control and told your manager that trying to force you to deal with it is against policies and go to the higher up if he tries to threaten you.


I would have been hesitant with the raccoons as well. Sometimes they are adorable and completely harmless, but sometimes even the babies can be vicious.

Growing up, out house had a porch over the 2nd garage, with stairs going down to the back yard. One day, my sweet little dog, Ginger, needed to go outside. She promptly ran back up the stairs, quite frightened. Between the roof of the garage and the porch were two baby raccoons who did NOT want to let her pass by.

At one point, we finally had the two babies out from under the porch, but they were not happy. (Read: furious). They lunged at my brother, who protected himself with the only weapon nearby (a thick metal rod). I heard bones crack, but those baby raccoons kept lunging at him. My friend and I had been playing with squirt guns, and when said friend squirted the babies, they knew we meant business and they got the frak out of there. (Thick metal rod cracking your skull = nothing; water = OMG, let's GTFO!)

I was just shocked at how violent these baby racoons (Who didn't appear to be foaming) could be. Also, don't mess with my sweet little doggie.

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