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I'm thinkig this is either a prank caller or some asshole.

Either way,hanging up on them is the best response

Cat wrangler

Ditto the above. Yes this was a very good first story. Flaming or not no one has a right to pass judgement or talk to you that way. You handled that perfectly.


It's awesome when you work for a place that will back up your right not to be harassed like that.


The puppy probably peed in his Cheerios. *sigh* (I have just had the most pee-filled weekend ever. Pee is stressful.)


What a revolting person! And yet, you managed to stay calm, and politely answer his questions, which is more than he deserved.
PS - I too share your aversion to answering the phone :P


Your answer should have been "No" and a hangup the first time he said it.


I would have hung up and told him not to call back the first time. You have the patience of saints.

NC Tony

"Hold on just a second. Does anyone want to talk to this homophobic ass? No? Sorry, no one wants to deal with you." *click*


Wtf??? Ugh, weirdo!

Also, yeah, hon, if I were you I'd adopt the same policy many RHUettes have: unless you work in a urologist's office, the exchange ends the moment penises are mentioned.
You don't have to put up with being sexually harassed by customers.

Trucker Bitch

Excellent way to handle that asshole. The smart-ass in me only wished you had answered like this:

"Sir, if I had a dick in my mouth, I would sound like this..." Then cover your mouth with your hand and try to talk all muffled.

But that's the smart-ass in me.


God that is so creepy. I just came across this story when I read your newest post. I wonder if thet guy talks to people like that everyday, or only one the phone?

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