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lets hope he have beautiful hands...and dont need to waste valuable police time again



Not that it's a good thing that he wasted emergency services time, but still...pretty funny.

NC Tony

In his defense, if you've ever watched the episodes of "Cops" where they do prostitution stings, some of those girls are pretty damn ugly.

But on the flip side of the coin, calling the cops to complain that the prostitute you hired is ugly is pretty damn stupid. What was he expecting? Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"?

The Last Archimedean

A real man doesn't need to hire a prostitute in the first place. If your social skills/living situation/hygiene is so bad you can't get a girl without paying for it, you have bigger issues than whether your hooker is ugly.

That said, one of my ex-girlfriends was a former prostitute and still knew a number of active working girls. They weren't all gorgeous, but in a social stuation when they weren't "on the job", they were all the *nicest* women you'd ever want to meet. I ended up dating one of them after the girl I had been with died after a botched surgery.


I look at it this way. If you don't like what you called for, CALL SOMEONE ELSE! Or go to a street corner where you can look first. I tease people all the time I'm going to put a red light on my porch to make money but I don't think anyone would pay for me. But then I remember watching episodes of COPS and think, "They just might get desperate. As long as I don't HAVE to act like I'm having too much fun or do it like a teenager in a car, I'm good."


Sgt Moran WIN!

PS Now I'm thinking about that sniper dude from Sherlock Holmes.

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