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This story does have a happy ending, after I submitted the story I got a call this morning. I was hired at a local dollar store and it looks like I'll be working in management eventually and for once my bosses seem really nice. :) Although I guess that means I'll have stories about actual customers now as appose to Bosses from Hell.


First: yay for you, getting a new job! I hope this one lasts, and that you're bosses and coworkers are nice. I'm sorry to hear about your other troubles.
Unfortunately, it seems to be a popular thing among employers to get rid of someone and make it look like they quit or did something wrong so that they can't collect on unemployment. Happened to my stepfather. Happened to my roommate. Happened to me.

The Last Archimedean

Best of luck to you in your new job. I hope you keep it and that the rest of your life goes well.

And a lesson I've learned: squeeze every hour you can if it looks like a company is laying off people. Make them have to kick you out the door so they can't say you quit, then they have no leg to stand on to try and fight your unemployment claim.


Just yesterday I also lost all faith in the government. Not that I had all that much to begin with.... I have a few mental health issues and am on Social Assistance while my doctor is working on the paperwork to get me on disability benefits. Two weeks ago, I was supposed to get my support check, but didn't. I called them, and they said that my stub had been late and they were still processing, so I had to wait a few days. So I did; a week later, still no check. So I called my caseworker to see if she might have better luck talking to them. For whatever reason she didn't get my message, and I wasn't able to talk to her again until my next doctor's appointment the following week. By this time, my rent check had been deposited and bounced back, costing me almost $50 with my bank. I called SA again, and they told me they had lost my stub so I'd have to drop off a new one. I had no bus fare, and the office is almost 1hr away from where I live by foot. They said I could mail a new stub in, but I didn't have one, so I couldn't. Call my caseworker again, we make an appointment for her to drive me down to the office and get things sorted out.

Finally get to talk to someone, and turns out that not ONLY did they lose my stub, but they had my address as the LAST place I lived at, and had no record of my Intent to Rent form or rental agreement despite the fact that my caseworker had brought me down to the office and filled out the paperwork with me 3 months earlier. It should also be noted that the first check they gave me was so that I could LEAVE that address and move into subsidized housing. So they had sent my check to the office in my previous town, then cancelled it when I didn't pick it up. They also had my new address on file, not the old address, which makes sending my check to the old town completely beyond all logic. Then they wouldn't give me a new check until they got the paperwork I had already given them, so my caseworker had to fax them in before I could get my money. When I brought up the overdraft fees, they said they had 'no legislation' to handle that, but if I ran out of money before the end of the month, I could apply for an 'unexpected need' food voucher. For $20. Then they told me that the first person I talked to had entered into the computer that she'd told me to drop off a new stub, making it my fault I didn't get my check. Too bad that is a bald-faced lie, as the only thing she told me was that I would have to wait and it would be mailed to me when they'd processed it. And then hung up on me before I could double check what address they had on file for me. Then when I finally DID get my check, they'd made my rent portion out to the landlord (which I had asked them to do so they would send it directly to them), but they'd gotten the amount wrong and screwed me out of ANOTHER $30. So instead of getting $240 to live off for the next 3 weeks, I got less than $130.

So, to recap, they:

1) lost my stub somewhere in the 10ft between the drop box and the desk
2) lied to me when I called asking where my check was
3) lied about what they told me when I called
4) lost my paperwork
5) sent my check to an office in a different town than what my file listed as my residence

You know, at this point I really wouldn't be surprised if they also refuse to give me the $20 voucher.

And this is only the most recent event from these people. Back in October, they lied to me about a program and forced me to apply for it, which disqualified me for a different program that would have given me job training and help getting employment, as well as paying me $250/week for the 3 months I would have been attending to cover my living expenses while they trained me. THAT little event made me lose almost 2 grand AND an opportunity for a job. Which completely defies logic, as the program they forced me to apply to took me off their benefits for 1 month and then I was back on; if they'd let me take the other program, they wouldn't have had to support me for an additional 2 months and it's entirely possible I wouldn't have had to go back on support at all if I had been able to get a job out of it.

Bureaucracy in action... ain't it beautiful?


My brother used to work for CCI... they told him he'd be doing "research" and instead they had him making debt collection software. e_e


I would say to anyone currently in that situation it would probably be worthwhile to contact an attorney. I'm fairly sure what happened was whole sale illegal. I am glad it worked out in the end though.

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