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Wow that lady is crazy! I can't believe those guys (and gals) kept their cool so well while she was being such a psycho. I think the manager deserves the "Retail Balls Award" for not putting up with her crap and telling them exactly how to file a complaint. And I have to add- the guy in all black with the glasses is super hot! LOL


Wow! That lady had no right to act like that. I feel like the manager did a great job handling the situation. Also hats off to the customers involved for keeping their cool and catching it on camera for evidence.


If I had been that manager, I would have told that bitch to clock out and leave immediately to cool down. I really hope she was fired.

The Last Archimedean

Wow. I hope that psycho isn't allowed out in public for a while. She needs to take a serious dose of chill the f out.

NC Tony

Wow, just wow. What in the actual fuck? How she didn't get fired on the spot for mouthing off to her manager is beyond me. I hope that guy filed the complaint like he said he would and that mouthy bitch got fired. Normally I'd just want her to get in trouble, but after mouthing off repeatedly to her manager, she deserves to get fired.


The manager seemed really good at her job. I'm sure the reason the crazylady wasn't fired on the spot is because the manager realized at that point that it would create more issues than it would solve. However, I don't doubt that the worker was let go immediately after the customers left the store. Crazy.


She was paranoid as fuck. "Stop following me!!!" when he took two steps to the right... yeah, crazylady needs to not be allowed in public.


Was it a manager? Her not being dismissed immediately could be explained if she was just a supervisor. Still, I hope that woman got what was coming to her. I deal with a pair of equally insane, bitter, ugly old women who have nothing better to do than plot against once another, talk about customers, and generally be a nuisance.

How they're still there is BEYOND me. One of them has been there for 30+ years, and I shit you not, in the 2-3 years I worked there/shopped there, she hadn't changed AT. ALL. Still the same ugly old woman. At that point you have to wonder why anyone like that would work in retail? Or how, for that matter.

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