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The Last Archimedean

I'd say put all those people with APD in the mental ward, but if you do that, you'll have 5% of the managers and zero top executives [except for the head of CostCo] left to actually run the companies.

Deli Drone

This describes my former manager to a 'T,' except for the charm and charisma bit. She was only nice to someone if she wanted them to do her a 'favor,' but may God have mercy on your soul if you said no, because she'd make your life a living hell if you refused. Man, the stories I could tell about that woman...

Hellbound Alleee

I've been reading about this and talking about it for a while now. Something about how the bigtime CEO's are the sociopaths, and their underlings are narcissists. The middle managers are clueless, because they think that somehow, hard work, perseverance and ass-kissing will get them to the top--which really never works. And then there's the losers--us--who hold out no delusions about our work, and maybe half of us derive pleasure and satisfaction in our off hours.


Sounds like my last boss at Hells Embargo...sweet, then screaming. Kind, then scheming. It was a beautiful day when they canned her ass.

NC Tony

Sounds like the truck unload team leader at the Bullseye. Everyone on her team kissed her ass, and in turn she treated them like they could do no wrong (and rumor has it that she was sleeping with a couple of them, so yeah, treating them REAL good). Meanwhile, my team, the continuous flow team got treated like shit. Thankfully we weren't under her direct supervision, but that didn't stop her from treating us like we were something she stepped in. In a way I was glad when I was fired, it meant I wouldn't have to see her ever again. I was even happier when I found out she was fired a few months after I was for drug possession (on company property, no less!).

NC Tony

I meant to put this in my previous post. THIS is why the 3D's were made. You have a manager like this, you use the 3D's, gather enough evidence, get other employees to help you (if you can trust them), kick things up the chain of command until something is done.

See this for more information about the 3D's:


I have a boss right now that gets off by mentally abusing employees. It's pretty fucked up. Sadly every one else seems to think it's no big until they are on the receiving end of it.

Cat Wrangler

Am I the only one who thought Amy from Amy's baking? Seems to fit.

Obsidian Butterfly

I highly recommend reading "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout. It's estimated that 1 in 25 are a sociopath and like most psychological disorders, there is a spectrum of sociopathy.

I've worked under multiple sociopaths; They are frighteningly common in positions of power at the workplace. They're insidiously clever and devious and are great at making the intended target look like the crazy one.

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