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NC Tony

I would have also suggested that the manager have a word with his teller as well. She wouldn't like it if it were HER money that was being screwed with, she'd be making sure every t was crossed, every i was dotted and every decimal point was in the right place. It's her JOB to make sure the same goes for the customers.

Meagan Glaser

Holy shit, my bank did the exact same thing to me once. It took forever to get to the bottom of it, as the teller kept insisting my statement was so low because I had "withdrawn a large sum" i.e. the exact amount of my deposit. And would not believe it wasn't true.


This is a prime example of why I love direct deposit. Jess if you can, set that up. If it isn't available, talk to the employer and have them talk with their payroll service/bank to see if the service is available. As for the check issue, I'd demand a review of the security footage; sadly my first thought, as a former phone banker, was that the teller you worked with used this as an opportunity to pilfer some cash. :(


Gah, had something like this happen to me. Went to my bank to cash a payroll check. The teller told me the system was down. I said okay, get ready to leave, but she tells me she can do the paperwork and put it in later. I said sure, did the stuff, think everythings fine. Week later, realize my balance is low, check my account, deposit never went in. Long story short, she managed to put my check in the account of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT person with my first and last name! Got straightened out, and they refunded me for overdraft fees, but still.....


When I was living in CT, I went through a VERY lean time. I only paid 3 bills (rent, electricity, car insurance) and I was lucky if there was $5 left in my bank account. So I balanced my account and there was a 20ยข discrepancy. I calculated, recalculated, tried another calculator, and finally broke down, used some of my precious gas and went to the bank. Even the guy at the bank couldn't figure it out. His solution; "Wait till next month and see if it's still there." Fortunately, it worked out by then, but that didn't make me very confident in my bank that month.


Kitai: Direct deposit isn't infallible. One paycheck had them deposit double everyone's checks, then take three times out. Net result, down one paycheck's worth.

Fortunately, the payroll company got it unfucked and either paid or negotiated away the overdraft fees, but still.

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