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Maybe this dudes kids were needy little fucks we don't know.


If that's all you get from here, Mark, I'd say you haven't worked retail.


If the site is inherently offensive to you, Mark, why are you here? The motherfuckers disrespect us every day, in case you hadn't noticed.


Shouldn't the kids mother be pissed his father took him to a sports bar?

Maybe they were crustys to the waitress and to the staff which is why they wrote on the check about needy KIDS.


This isn't the 80's who takes their kids to a bar these days? I mean really dude should count himself lucky they didn't just toss him right out.


Wow, really? We're going to blame the customer for this? Can you not get food at a sports bar? Is beer suddenly the only thing that exists in those premises? You think a place called "friendly's" might not attract the occasional burger-seeking family? Plus, no parent would ever want to bring their kid somewhere they like to bond, right?

It's not hooters, guys, it's a sports bar. It's probably even a "sports bar and grill", if you look at the unfinished logo at the top of the receipt.

The server was a dick, and a stupid one at that.

The Singing Library Clerk

@Un - It is the dad's fault. Kids aren't served there. He should've taken his brat to McD.


Not that I agree with the troll (aka: MarkH) but I do disagree about this being the customers fault and frankly I find the "what was he doing taking his kid to a sports bar anyway???" argument asinine.
Since when is it a rule that kids should only eat at fastfood joints or kid themed restaurants like Chuck-E-Cheese? Most "sports bars" are basically just restaurants with ESPN playing anymore. It isn't like it was a strip club!

Yeah this custy and his brat probably were annoying with their special orders, but that is part of the job.
Typing something like this into their ticket is just as dumb as the fastfood workers who photograph themselves licking taco shells...and yet for those people it's their own fault, but this idiot was justified because posters here don't feel a kid being in a sports bar is appropriate?

Damn Yankee

The problem is that the bar doesn't serve anyone under 21, and made a special exception. Lesson learned for the proprietor.


@SingingClerk How is this dad's fault? I get that they don't usually serve kids, but you're ignoring all my other points. They let them in at minimal disadvantage, and they're paying customers. Why does that earn disrespectful comments? Plus, there is no mention ANYWHERE about the kid causing trouble or being the "brat" you called her. All they did was make a special order, which is not restricted to kids.

And since when is taking your kid to McHell's as the default considered ideal parenting, since you volunteered it?


No-win situation. The waitress shouldn't have written that in, even as a joke (because she forgot to take it off, and look what happened). But the dad should not have taken his kid into an establishment that had to have signs in the window that said that minors were not allowed on the premises. Some places will have certain hours where minors are allowed to be served, but this doesn't sound like it.
Somehow, I doubt that this sports bar was the only place in town to get food.


It was unprofessional to write that in, but the real mistake was just in forgetting to take it off. The other mistake was FRIGGIN TAKING YOUR KIDS TO A SPORTS BAR. I get really fucking pissy when I see these shitty ass moms and dads hanging out at 10pm-2am with their fucking kids at the local bar. I have seen kids crying outside the bar, a little girl (maybe six) pulling on a drunken asshole's shirt saying she wanted to go home.

No. Fuck you for taking your kids to a bar. If you are there past 5pm there are going to be people drunk, swearing. There will probably be "non-kid-friendly" music (actually had a bitch complain about some people swearing! in a bar! at 9pm!). And the last thing anyone wants is your friggin kids running around while drunk people are trying to play darts without falling over.

Our local sports bar allows kids in until 10pm, but there are already a LOT of drunk people there by then, and inevitably the people with the kids are there to get drunk themselves and then let their little snots run around a bar room filled with drunken 40 somethings! Yeah, sorry, it's fucking irresponsible as shit! And the other bar lets them in, period, full stop, the end, and that's where you see crying children at 2am who have to be at school 7am the next day, but hey, daddy wants to get drunk! Yeah. No. Kids don't belong in bars, especially for "dinner." You can tell when it's a restaurant with alcohol and when it's a bar with food; it's not difficult.


Any place that calls itself a bar is a no-kids zone by default. Anyone who doesn't know that is utterly brainless. Sure, some do allow kids in part of the time but that is the exception.

NC Tony

I bet that'll also be the last time they make an exception. They have no kids menu and specifically state that they don't allow people under 21.

I agree that the waitress shouldn't have put that on the receipt in the first place (because if she hadn't have done it, she wouldn't have forgotten to take it off). If she was upset about it, she should have bitched about it in an employees only area like the rest of us do.

On the other hand, who in the hell brings their kid to a bar? A notably kid-unfriendly environment. It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I'm sure there were places that were more kid-friendly. It doesn't have to be McDonald's or fast food at all, most places at least have a kids menu.

Tori Holmes

Wow, really? The person that posted this didn't even give the full story. The man called ahead and asked them if they would allow a child in since it isn't only a bar, it is a sports bar and GRILL. The manager said sure since it was Father's Day and the father brought in the child.

Now, the staff knew he was coming in with a kid, they probably even knew his age. Also, people make special orders all the time so this wasn't a special case or anything.

What if the child was allergic to tomatoes and they asked the waitress to make sure tomatoes weren't on the plate? What if she said "Fucking Needy Kids" then? She would have been seen as cruel instead of funny.

The fact that so many of you commenters fail to see is that this behavior is wrong and should never be accepted or seen as a "joke."

And to those calling the kid a "brat" and the man a "bad father", how dare you. You've never met them. For all you know he and the kid could be the best people you'd ever meet, but no, you defend the bitch of a waitress for getting mad about something that waitresses constantly do on a daily basis.

Also, I've worked in the restaurant business before and I've never seen anyone use derogatory comments as jokes to cooks. That is totally unprofessional and the waiters and waitresses I worked with knew that.


Yeah, no, someone taking his kid to a bar and demanding the bar make a special exception for them probably isn't "the best dad."

You'll note if you actually read most of the comments that most people are saying the waitress was unprofessional AND the dad was an idiot for demanding his kid be accepted into a bar where people would actively be drinking (this was in the afternoon). And no one's thinking about the OTHER customers here... I would be extremely upset and complain to management if a child was allowed in a 21+ area. So this "best dad" and his "best child" are now more important than the other customers, who have an understanding that children aren't allowed in?

Yeah, no, sorry, the waitress was very unprofessional (who knows, maybe she took this job specifically because she hates kids), but the dad was irresponsible to demand his child be allowed into a bar at the expense of the workers and the trust between the business and its patrons.

Tori Holmes

Um, no. He didn't demand shit, he only asked if it was possible and they said yes, so it's on them. And at what point did I say they are more important? All I said was special orders are made all the time, so why are they being singled out?

Oh, and if other customers complained to management about the kid being allowed in, that's not the dad's fault, it is the fault of the person who allowed it to happen.


I missed the part about it being a 21+ establishment. In which case, yeah, I'm with Tori Holmes.

All the arguments about why the dad should have thought of other custys...are true, but in knowing what we do about custy's do you really think there's any chance of that happening?
So, yes, the dad does bear some of the responsibility for asking for special treatment in the first place, but that doesn't give severs the right to treat him disrespectfully and ultimately management could have prevented all of this if they'd had the balls to say 'no' they can't make an exception to the 21 and over only rule.


My best friend and i were at a bar & grill a few months ago. we were drinking and talking, not being inappropriate (not obnoxious or anything at least-we had a pretty good rapport going with the bar tender and waitress going) when this woman comes in with her 2 boys-both under 13 and set right next to us-please note the bar was mostly empty, and we were actually in the bar section, not the "restaurant" section.

less than a minute after she sat down she yelled at us for talking about things her precious kids should not hear. and demanded the waitress remove us.

The bartender and waitress just laughed at her and said she had to leave, first off under 21 wasn't allowed in the bar area and we were there first and were doing nothing wrong. She flipped her shit and went off on them...NOTHING we had said to this point was close to what came out of her mouth. at that point we got up and moved to the other side of the bar and resumed our conversation.

children do not belong in bars. period. the staff arne't paid or trained to deal with them, menus aren't built to cater to them and most of all the patrons are ADULTS who are doing ADULTY things...stop expecting the rest of the world to cater to you!

sorry that was long and pointless but i'm done :)


Is this incident really something that needs to be posted all over the internet? The server did something stupid and it was pointed out to management. What did the father expect to happen? I think the problem here was that the guy didn't get to see the server get bitched out by management. The server apologized and that was pretty much all she could do. The article says that they had a good experience before the check came. The management should have paid for his food, and we can't be sure they didn't. This shouldn't be news worthy, it just seems like he's trying to get attention. Driving this place out of business isn't an appropriate solution to a problem that has already been taken care of.


If a place is 21, chances are it's not an appropriate environment for children. Yes, it was rude for the server to put that on the receipt. But really, accept the apology and move on with life. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to adore your kid.

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