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Not Perfect

Hate to play devil's advocate, but I would be concerned if the person handling my food had some gross looking rash on their hands, and doubly so now that I know about impetigo. I can imagine they're not communicating it in the best way, but I'm surprised that the manger didn't have you wear gloves or something.

Lord of the Potatoes

If you look like/are actively shedding dead skin onto someone's food they have every right to be grossed out. My brother has bad eczema, and pretty much crop dusts the whole house; I can't think of a worse environment for him to work in than a restaurant. The surprising thing is nobody wants a communicable skin disease and/or to find out the Parmesan topping is actually dead skin.


Wow.. I'm sure Restaurant Slave know how bad or how not bad her eczema is and whether or not she is shedding skin onto people's plate. I'm sure her managers know as well.

If they both are alright with it, I'm alright with it, We're all human, we can't always have the picture perfect blonde girl with nary an eyelash out of place, with legs that go for miles wait on us.

...Reminds me of the time I was told I'd never wait on customers due to my stutter. I freaking own the page and phone system at my current job - on days when my stuttering is terrible too.


As someone who once had a nice case of psoriasis (under control with really expensive meds now), my heart goes out to you. I never worked in food service, but I'd get *looks* occasionally, and I'd just stare them down right back. You just have to learn to "own your skin" (no pun intended). Fortunately, I'm in a really good support group, and I am finally on a biologic that works. It took a long time to find the right collection of medications though.

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