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The Last Archimedean

HA! Nice to see an arsehole get their comeuppance.


Hmmm... maybe this guy needs to adjust his meds if they're making him hallucinate...


(no offense to people who actually take meds, I do too, but this guy clearly had hallucination issues...)


Or the hero learned to draw suspicion by making a scene, that DBH, might be a NAT in reality.


To be fair to Hero, he lied and overreacted, but I might have made the same assumption.


Great Story!

Your English is quite good. I know native English speakers who do not write as well as you.

The Last Archimedean


NEVER make assumptions. As Everett McGill put it so eloquently in Under Siege 2:

"Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups."


assuming things is how you catch some NATs in the first place. It's not a mistake to assume that a customer who goes into a changing room with an item and comes out without it in sight might be trying to shoplift, and we've seen that here.

The beer came out in an awkward situation that made it look kind of suspicious. Not very, and again, dude totally overreacted, but I'm sure he wouldn't have been the only one to give a second glance.

Not OP's fault, was handled very poorly by Hero, but it was awkward

The Last Archimedean

unsympathetic, that's a totally different case. In the example you gave, you're not "assuming" -- you actually SAW the customer enter with an item of clothing and exit without it. That's enough to raise anyone's suspicions.

In this case, douchebag did not see anything suspicious. He wasn't even present when they were traversing the beer aisle. If he had seen a six-pack of beer vanish from the shelves, THEN he would have had the right to to call OP's dad out on it. That would be the equivalent of your example.

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