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How is it that you are allowed to serve people so drunk off their ass they could kill someone if they are driving? Do you get to take their keys first? Here in the USA, a lot of states have accountability laws to where if a driver kills someone, the bar pays.

As for the German-speaking customer; I always love it when they think they can mock you in another language and you catch them at it. It's not like you walk around with a label on you. When I had exchange students, we met someone who spoke seven languages fluently. I would have loved to have seen her be a waitress or customer service person.


this is actually one of my stories i submitted years ago!
i changed my username to restaurant_slave instead of restie slave.
The unique thing at that restaurant was that i was not allowed to deny alcohol to the customers so i was forced to serve them :(

Soft Ice Girl

Hmm, how long did the table of 17 wait before they complained? And had they called beforehand to tell that they are a big party? If they have, I would say that complaining about long waits are OK (if of course they indeed had a wait of at least, say, 20 minutes for appetizers). If your restaurant/bar does not have the capacity to serve 17 people in a reasonable time, it should not seat them and allow them to order. The shortstaffing and your impractical ordering system is not the custy´s fault. If they did not reserve, they do not have the right to complain of course, and should be lucky that their huge-ass party got a seat.
@Humor_Me: Really? That is News to me, and if you are right, then these laws are stupid... In Germany, you have to be sober to drive, of course, but if you are not driving, you may get as drunk as you wish. The bar is free to not serve you if they think you are too drunk and could vomit or whatever, but no legal stuff. Plus, they are definitely NOT allowed to take anyone´s keys. If they see you leave with carkeys, they may choose to call the ploice, but definitely not stripsearch every customer for keys. That would be off-putting and horrible.

Soft Ice Girl

ploice=police :D
My short little sausage fingers betrayed me!


soft ice girl,
i honestly can't remember how long they waited, the restaurant i used to work at shut down last year and this story was at least 3 years ago. The bosses and manager of that place would not allow me to turn away any table no matter if we had enough staff or not.




Basically, in the interests of everyone (on the road, who might be attacked by violent drunks, the drunks themselves who could conceivably give themselves alcohol poisoning if they worked at it enough), lots of states have laws (I think in VA they're called Blue Laws) that state that you can't serve alcohol to someone already clearly/extremely intoxicated. You have to cut them off. I think that's also where the restaurant code/slang for a drunk custy comes from- "overserved". Generally, it's not strictly enforced, but managers get upset if a bartender routinely overserves guests, especially if it leads to disruptive behavior.

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