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Did he think no one would notice the huge pile of boxes right next to the plane?


I always assume that anything I ship is treated like that.


Yeah, so he's such a shitty worker that someone else basically had to come along and do the job for him. HE didn't have to do his loading job twice, he had to do a quarter of it while someone else had to come along and clean up his mess. Seems like being a lazy dickwad worked out well for him.

NC Tony

I'm wondering if he just didn't care that the boxes were falling all over the place. It would have been easier and taken less time if he had grabbed two or three boxes at once, taken the two or three steps to the conveyor, put the boxes down, then walked back to get two or three more.

What a putz.


...I'm actually not so sure whether this was a stupid freight handler.

From what I counted, about half of the boxes fell down.
They fell down at a place easily accessible to pick 'm up and put them on the conveyer belt again.

This minimized turning and walking, so I'm not so sure it would really have saved time to do it the proper way.


"If you didn't have the time to do it right, why do you have the time to do it again?"

Skittles; "Brown" (good name for them) wants you to pack your stuff so it'll be ok if it's dropped from three feet onto a corner. The floors of their trucks are three feet off the ground...

Paranoia, he's going to run into Xeno's Paradox. :P he gets 2/3rds of the boxes on (I didn't watch the whole thing, that's a number extracted ex recta) each time... he then has to walk around to side A and do it again, presumably losing a third of the boxes, and then again, and again... then do it again on side B. Doesn't seem much faster to me...

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