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"Partial lockdown" "lockdown" "Lockdown" "The school went on lockdown..."

Hello?! I've been in school, and I've been in prison, and "lockdown" is what prisons do.

A school is not a prison.

A mall is not a jail.

Does any of this language bother anyone else? Heeelllooo....??



This wasn't a school, it was a mall. And it's a reasonable use of the word, I believe.


My question is: How do parents just turn teens loose like that? I never turned my kids loose to go to the mall unless we were in town too (we lived 1/2 to 1 hour away from everything though). I'd be one of those parents requiring a GPS tracker on my kids if I just let them out my door. "Where are you going? Who are you going with? Who's going to be with you? Call me when you get there. Call me if you leave to go somewhere else." If I found out that my kid was in any way involved in something like this, privileges would be revoked. It only takes one idiot with a gun to start a shooting spree and kill multiple people.

Trucker Bitch

My parents instilled a rule in my sister and me that we still follow to this day. "If Mom doesn't know, we DON'T go." It came about since I "ran away" from home at the age of 2. Simple explanation; My sister was playing with her friend, they wouldn't play with me, I decided to go to the playground at my sister's school (I knew the way). Got brought home in the back of a cop car after someone at the school saw me playing there by myself.

My sister and I still follow this Rule even nearly 30 years later. I'll call home every few days while out on the road, just to give my parents a heads up on where I am, where I'm going, and when I might be home.

Former Grocery Slave

Teenagers are horrible in general, so I can see why agrivated parents would send them away to the mall to keep them occupied and out of their hair, but it is still a big problem, as anyone who works at a mall knows. A mall near me started a rule a few years back that no one under age 17 was allowed in the mall unsupervised. Obviously they would probably only enforce it if they are in a large group or causing trouble, but I wish all malls had this rule.


Yeah I have some serious issues with that language and those types of actions being taken by police.

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