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I hate shit like that attendance policy. I agree you should be responsible and come to work when scheduled. You should work your full shift and plan ahead as much as possible regarding future changes, temporarily and permanent. However, If I was able to predict the future - I wouldn't be working! We are living organisms, not robots, and we are subjected to bacteria and viruses and conditions where are bodies just don't work (infact so are robots!). We get sick - and sometimes we have to call out that very day. And the rule of thumb is once you get sick - a trip to the doctor usually won't change anything because you've got to let your immune system do the work most of the time! And Hell - especially regarding food service - the contagious period for most bacteria and viral illness is BEFORE any symptoms show up. This is why following health procedures is so important (like your first story..)

Ugh! It seems, my job included, that employers think that they can just fire everyone and there are tons of people waiting to take over. And yes - there may be, but you're not going to get quality and most customers - myself as one - want quality employees!

Also - what ever happened to scheduling enough people to cover things like this? At my current weekend job - we are always running on the BARE minimum staff anymore it seems. When I started 3 years ago - we had extra folks! It was nice - we could take the breaks we were suppose to take! We could check on customer's orders in Receiving and make sure all the product was here before we called the customer because we could have someone covering the service desk and phones! You could actually focus on YOUR job and not other people's jobs!

Rant over.


Yeah that is BS especially since one of the biggest concerns in the food service industry should be Norovirus. That's the very unpleasant stomach flu that you hear about causing outbreaks on cruise ships.

It's extremely contagious, but not before you get sick. It's while you're actively sick that you're most contagious, and should not, under any circumstances, be working (or even present) in a restaurant!
A doctor, however, can't do anything for it besides help you with dehydration if needed and maybe give some anti-nausea medication.
Also, as anyone who has had it knows it's pretty much impossible to plan ahead for because symptoms come on very quickly


Best of luck to you, I hope you find something new fast.


KarrusellMalerin: The term you're looking for is called "corporate anorexia". Keeping so few people on staff that they can barely function. It hurts the company because customers notice that the company doesn't function well and complains, so they fire the people they complain about rather than hiring more people to fix the actual problem not realizing that it's actual lack of reliable people.


Ugh, get the hell out of there, Fryslave. You sound like a decent, hard-working person and don't deserve this bullshit. I hope you find another job soon - good luck to you!


This is sooo wrong- this is why sick leave should be required by law. It is in every developed country except the US. I understand they don't want people lying, so they require a note, but how do they expect someone not earning any money that day to pay for a doctor? Also, not your job to get your shift covered- that's what management is paid for. Typical passing the buck to the employee combined with threatening to fire them for not doing someone else's job. It's like an abusive relationship- "I'll break up with you if you don't do everything I say no matter how unreasonable!".


Dontcha love it when the employeer that works you 37.5 hours a week so they can avoid providing health insurance decides that you need a doctor's note for every sniffle?

Mine is even worse - go over the piddling allowance of sick days allotted, and even a doctor's note won't help. Spend 3 days in the hospital? Doesn't matter - you had the gall to get sick more than 4 days a year and you're getting written up.


Look we know you get paid well under the poverty line and your healthcare is pretty much "try not to die" but we're going to need you to go see a doctor any time you get sick.

chelteham dude

The start of Groceryslave's last post is part of what I find scary about the US - in the UK for most people 37.5 - 40 hrs a week is considered full time and most full timers get things like sick pay and holiday leave as part of UK employment laws.

Also the expecting the sick worker to find someone to cover wouldn't neccessarilly work here as if you don't have the phone numbers for your colleagues, then leagally (due to the Data Protection Act) your manager would not be able to give you their telephone numbers.

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