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Happy birthday Joe, from Joe?! Did he wish himself a happy birthday?

Also I think this is hilarious. Seriously, are they engineers? I have to know.


i think the idea was that they could print generic cards for the employees, and then select who's birthday it is and then check-off who signed it. it's pretty effing cute, in my opinion. then again, i'm an engineer. heh


My mom works at a bank and they pass around a bunch of cards at the beginning of the year and everyone signs them. She's gotten birthday, get well soon and condolence cards signed by herself.

It was awkward and funny at the same time.

Bored at the Bookstore

So... Peter and Steve F. don't like Joe? Or were they absent that day? Someone couldn't check their boxes off, just for completeness?


Peter and Steve F say "FUCK JOE!" without ever having to actually say it.

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