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Reminds me when I worked at the dysfunctional pet store. Parents would occasionally have their kids with them. We would often have to clean our counters due to bird seed, pet food, small pets, fish water and other assorted nasty shit getting on said counter. Sure enough, some toddler/small child would come in, set down what parent had let them hold, and then stick their fingers back in their mouth! EWWWWWW! Did you know we just had a small dog up there? or a box with mice? or a tote from under the shelves looking for a customer? Hope your kid has a wicked immune system. If they didn't before, we just jump-started it.


If the stuff you're saying doesn't work then up the ante. Try "Oh I'm sorry but we'll have to charge you if your child sucks the protective arsenic coating off of the glass." 10 to 1 odds that gets an immediate reaction.


I'm with skittles. As someone who is chemical sensitive- cleaning down the bathroom with ammonia-free scent-free cleaner makes my eyes water and a a migraine come on- immediately bringing out the big guns could be enough for me to place a complaint with a company's ethics department. If I was an employee facing consequences for not considering that patients with multiple scent allergies exist, I wouldn't bet on keeping my job. :/ I agree that parents should keep a close eye on their kids in public (and I myself have spent shopping trips enduring the humiliation of a public toddler meltdown rather than back down and buying him cans of shiny (and sugary) things until the message sank in). I don't disagree on that point. I just think the potential hazard of wiping down a counter with a toxic bleach dripping rag is overstepping it.

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