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The Last Archimedean

I hate companies that blame their troubles on unions. That's bullshit 110% of the time -- why don't they lay off middle managers and have the executives take a pay cut instead?

That said, I'm glad Twinkies are making a comeback. I don't have a sweet tooth often but I do like Twinkies, and undoubtedly will buy them for the occasional snack once they're back in stores.


So, straight up, Hostess's Chapter 11 was one of the nastiest cases of abuse perpetrated by upper management on workers, and by the capitalist class against unions in particular...


Whenever someone brings up Hostess to bash unions, I bring out the trufax.

(I may be a bean counter, but that doesn't mean I like corporate.)

Bored at the Bookstore

Y'know,I've discovered that in most categories (except Twinkies), I like Little Debbie snacks for my very occasional treat. Moister, tastier, and cheaper. Especially the chocolate cupcakes and the Boston Creme Rolls. Sorry, Hostess!


sad thing is, i used to love hostess treats. however, since they've been gone, i've found a new love in tastykake.


My god did people shit themselves when they thought there would be no more Twinkies. Lunatics. XD

Retired from Hell

By 'a leaner structure' I hope they mean fewer executives (they were astonishingly top-heavy)but I fear they mean non-union. Just one more in a wave of deliberate corporate 'failures' designed to allow them to screw the workers. Kcuf that!


The only think I miss are the vanilla Zingers. Did it kill me that they are gone? No. I just miss them like a dropped hat. I got over it.

NC Tony

I bet all those people who spent hundreds of dollars to get their "last" fix of Twinkees feel pretty stupid now.


Well not that I ever bought much from them but now I won't be buying anything. Flat out they bent the law and what they did should be illegal. I guess the government might as well be a dictatorship at this point.

Speedbird 9-2

The Last Archimedean: "I hate companies that blame their troubles on unions. That's bullshit 110% of the time"

TLA, have you ever heard of British Leyland?

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