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Hmm... like anything, I'd say it depends on the source. If they've been a creeper the whole time, then hand you this, not so good. If you actually get along with them, it's funny. Note how whether or not you consider them hot isn't really a factor- it's whether they actually know you'd laugh at this.

The Singing Library Clerk

Almost makes me want to try a StarYucks just to see if they'd do this to a fat chick. If so, then it's just a new way for them to get free advertising.

The Last Archimedean

Or the barista could actually find voluptuous women attractive, Singing. I think they look much hotter than the skeletonized "fashion model" types.

Damn Yankee

>.> I think it's cute. A nice, quiet way to tell someone they're attractive, or at least make their day better. I'd do this for the most frumpy person imaginable if they were nice, but having a bad day.


Singing Library Clerk - You're a dick. That is all.


I think it's cute.

NC Tony

S: No YOU'RE a dick. THAT is all.

The Singing Library Clerk

I can't be a dick since I'm female. And fat. And I know how I've been treated all my life. I was just saying that it would be an obvious marketing tacit if they do it for someone whom society does not consider attractive, that being me.


@Singing yeowch, cynical much? I know heavy women who take very good care of themselves and look fabulous. It's the person, not just the weight. Cheer up!

As for the flirting... eh, works either way. Either the person is flattered or laughs, or they have proof of harassment they feel and can easily get it corrected if it made them uncomfortable.

The Last Archimedean

SLC, I don't think it's a corporation-wide thing. I think this is just individual baristas trying to convey a message to individual customers.

And if I were your barista I'd definitely put that message. I happen to *like* big girls and would undoubtedly find you quite physically attractive in person.


I agree with Persephone: it's cute if the barista isn't a creeper.
And I don't think SLC is complaining about not getting compliments. I think she just figures that it's less likely to happen to her. I'm the same way. For years I had a very nice figure, but got few compliments. I'm okay-looking, but not the kind of girl who swims in that kind of attention. It makes my day if someone says something nice to me, but it doesn't bother me if they don't. *shrug*


Looks creepy and is a lawsuit waiting to happen tampering with the warning message.

womens retail slave

well crap I only get iced drinks... :(


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