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I find it odd and irritating that you can't tell the people "Sorry, we're closed."


I've worked places where we weren't allowed to mention it, either. If it got too bad, we were sometimes allowed to turn off the music or close the doors so no one else would come in, but we weren't allowed to say "Sir, we're closed, please follow me to the register with your purchases." The thing about it is, if I were a customer in a store I didn't notice was closing up, I'd be mortified. I'd much prefer it if someone just told me already- sometimes I'm just clueless.


This is just another demonstration of how we need to seriously rewrite most of the labor laws in this country. Fuck that cunt lady and her equally cuntish husband. The only time people should be required to work more than 8 hours is when they agree to do so or public safety is at risk.



You do? Really???

At The Baby Store it was kind of an unspoken rule. Which definitely taught me one fact...customers don't give a rats ass if you're closing or not.
We'd close the overhead gate halfway around closing. Pretty big clue that the store is closing, right?
People would duck under it to come inside!
It got to the point where we'd just close the gate the whole way and have someone reopen it to let people who were already inside out.
But, no, for the ones already in no one ever said, "We're closed please go to the register with your purchases."

Another clue that custy's didn't care. We'd have people in after closing...they're the only people in the store, the gate is closed, music is off, and they still bring up 50 items to the check out which they want price checks on every one of them first and to put back 20 of those items, and "what are these pajamas made of?...polyester???...oh no! I don't want that!", and don't forget leaving a lipstick smeared waterbottle on the counter for us to clean up when they finally left.


People no longer have any respect for anyone else. We had posted closing times on the doors, closing announcements at the 15-minute mark, and closing time, and lights that went off automatically. And what did we get? People shopping in the dark!


One time I can remember, there was three or four of us, plus the manager, closing the store. We had done everything, shutters were down, the tills were in the safe, the shop was completely tidied, and we were waiting at the door, with our coats on. The manager walked up, turned off the lights, and was just raising the shutter to let us and him out. This random guy ducks under the shutter, grabs something from the shelf, and starts walking over to the till area. We all kind of look at him in stunned disbelief as he puts whatever it was on the desk and says,

"Well, isn't someone going to serve me?"

Needless to say, the answer was a stunned silence, followed by a resounding 'no'. Of course, this guy started blustering about how 'he was a customer, and the customer is always right' and how we were 'losing business' by not serving him, but my manager at the time, who usually was quite spineless towards customer's insane demands, said,

"Listen, even if it wasn't the case that anyone with half a brain might be clued in to the fact we're closed by the time being well past our posted closing time, the lights being off and the fact you had to actually wait on me opening the shutter in order to get in, plus the fact the only reason the shutter was opened was to let the staff, including me, go home, the tills are actually locked in the safe, not ready to be used, and the till system is currently in the middle of shutting itself down for the day, so there is no physical way of putting through your transaction right now, even if I wanted to, which, frankly, I don't, so come back tomorrow. Or don't. I really don't care."

At that point, the guy really had no option except to leave.

NC Tony

Whenever I hear the two closing announcements at my store (one 15 minutes before closing, the other at closing along with half the lights in the store going off) I add my two cents to the announcement (under my breath if I'm on the sales floor, out loud if I'm in the stock room) "So take your shit and get the fuck out!" In a perfect world we'd be able to tell people "We're closed", and they'd leave. Of course, in a perfect world we wouldn't HAVE to tell people that, because they'd be smart enough to look at the posted store hours and say to themselves "Oh, the store closes in five minutes. Maybe right now would not be the perfect time to pick up fifty things I don't really need."

I'd like to think that all the crustys of the world will end up in a section of hell where they're working in retail with no closing time, no breaks and no pay. And every day is Black Friday.

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