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Hmmm, I worked at one point with the mark-down team for a large store not unlike these. While mark-ups did occur, they were rare, and didn't happen just before a sale so it could then appear to be even more discounted. They actually seemed to happen randomly, as we never received the other side of the story as to "why".

Red Rider

I used to work on the pricing & signing team at J.C. Penney/JCP/whatever the heck they're calling themselves these days. They absolutely did markups and "false sales" where they'd put up signing that made it seem like you were getting a great deal when you were really paying twice as much. It happened all the time. It's really not all that surprising when you consider how dishonest most corporations will be when it comes to making money/exploiting customers.

NC Tony

I've done a couple of mark ups at Soul's, but both times we were told it was the manufacturer telling us to change the prices, not corporate. Of course they could have been lying to us (yes, I know, corporate lying is a shocking thing).


So... Basically JCPenny is comparing the quality of its clothing to the quality of a Tiffany diamond. L.M.F.A.O. I've been in JCPenny a couple of times, and I've been in Tiffany frequently, so I feel comfortable calling them out on this. JCP's flimsy polyester nightmares are not on an even playing field with Tiffany craftsmanship.


Frankly I'd be a lot more surprised and consider it a lot more newsworthy if they fingered a store that didn't do markups.

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