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NC Tony

In regards to the farting priest, if you can get a small can of air freshener, spray it in his direction (if he's not right in front of you of course) every time he farts.

I don't care what company policy is, if a customer ever hit me (or threw something at me), it would take every thing I have to not vault over the counter and beat six kinds of shit out of them. I'd prove to them real damn quick that we retail slaves are not mindless drones who are paid to take their shit.

As for the last kid, when mom came along with "My son knows please and thank you, you don't have to be so pushy! Give me one of those things too! Now!" I don't know what would be more fun to say "Well now I can see where he gets it from." or "Like mother like son." or "He knows how to say please and thank you? You could have fooled me!"


Geez you should start calling the cops on these asshole violent customers. Is there a surveillance camera to catch them throwing crap at you?


I absolutely will NOT tolerate having stuff thrown at me, especially if it involves me getting injured. One reason I prefer working with animals. They only do it out of ignorance and fear.

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