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O___o Shit they should get more time than 4 and half years! Crazy motherfuckers!


And I thought my former landlords were bad. This couple makes mine look like angels...


Oh man. I love how he calls out law enforcement for "breaking one too many laws" while having a laundry list of crimes himself. That takes a special kind of crazy.

But seriously, that's batshit insane. How can someone even bring themselves to do those kinds of things to regular people? My biggest question is how they showed they were sane enough to buy the building, and how they held down jobs well enough to earn enough to buy an entire building in SF.


Makes my annoying landlords look like saints!

It is also ironic him saying, "judges break the law one too many times" when the list of what he did to his tenants that WASN'T illegal is the shorter one!


This calls for burying them UNDER the jail. For eternity.

NC Tony

I'm amazed their tenants didn't try to kill them.


Four and a half years?! Jesus it sounds like they might even have been able to charge these lunatics with attempted murder as well as fraud and many other felonies! How does that only add up to four and a half years?!


Why did they even want the tenants to move out? Does anyone know? It seems to me like having tenants paying rent should be a good thing, especially if those tenants were relatively happy and weren't asking for a total remodel of the building.


I think the amount of rent increased, for that city/neighborhood, in the last few years but there's restrictions or something for existing tenants to keep them about the same. Most likely, these two were trying to kick everyone out so they they could charge more.


Due to the huge housing price increases combined with the poverty/homeless rates, the city has enforced limits on raising the rent of current tenants. Basically, they could make more money by charging higher rates to new tenants because they wouldn't have the same restrictions on rent of the current tenants.


And I thought one of my landlords was hell. Damn!

When my hubby and I were young and newly-weds we rented this cute little house near down town. It was in one of those historic districts and was just a darling little place, and the rent was in our price range....I was so happy until we moved in.

Like I said, we were young and did not know all the renter laws. First thing that shocked us was as soon as we signed the lease the landlord was like, "Rent is due on the 1st of the month, by noon. Anytime after 12pm and it is late." Uhm, ok...

When we looked at the house before we moved in there was no oven or fridge in it. When we asked the landlord--no wait--the Slum-lord said he does leave them in the house when it wasn't occupied so that he wouldn't risk them being stolen. That sounded reasonable. Then we moved in and this was the oven: http://www.etsy.com/listing/151363411/vintage-1960s-ge-range-stove-oven-works?ref=market But it did not work like new. He put in a 40+ year old stove. That was why he did not have any appliances in the place when possible tenants were looking it over, he didn't want them to see what a crappy asshole he was.

It stopped working in the first month we were living there. We did not get a working oven for 6 weeks! 6 weeks of microwave dinners and what I could cook in the toaster over. The heater went out. 3 months to get it fixed. At first I wasn't too worried since we lived in Fl and it was still fall--but by January it was getting down to 30 degrees and we had a baby. It wasn't until I threaten to go to the housing authority and the news that he got it fixed.

Then the water was out for a week! A whole week. Then one afternoon I had spent $60 buying meat for the next week or so, and after about an hour in the fridge I heard it making a funny noise so I called slumlord and said it sounded as if it was going to quite working. He was like "Ok I'll come over this afternoon..." He showed up 3 days latter after the fridge had completely stopped working. He took the fridge out and it was another week before we got a working fridge.

All of this in a 6th month period. Our lease was for a year, and every time we would tell him we were unhappy about the conditions and that we were wanting to break the lease he would have a fit and threaten all sorts of legal fees and law-suits.

The final straw was one 1st of the month when I had a doctors appointment at 10am--I thought I would be able to get back in time to pay the rent by the 12pm cut off. But I had car trouble and couldn't get there till 3pm. He had already drawn up eviction papers and was like well you can pay your rent plus the $400 late fee and eviction fee...I went home in tears. I called my father to see if he could loan us the money for the late fees. I told him about all the stress we had went though with that slumlord.

My Dad then called his friend who was a lawyer.

Two days later the slum-lord showed up on our door step saying "Hey kids, I know you want to break the lease early, so I'm going to let you out of your lease early. You don't even have to pay this last month's rent..." Found out latter that my dad's lawyer friend had a little "chat" with the slumlord about all the things he had done that was so illegal.


Perky: Ye cats and little fishies. Glad your dad helped get you out of that...

Are these people the same ones that run the restaurant with the fruit-fly martinis? Gawd.

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