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The Last Archimedean

Back when I worked at a restaurant, if you brought a child in with a water gun and they used it, the owner would kick you and your child out. And if anyone complained, the owner would tell the parent that if they wanted to have a nice meal, they shouldn't have let the kid bring a water gun to a restaurant and it was no one's fault but their own.


i agree with all but the grapes, if i'm buying some i will try one to see if they are sweet enough, then i buy the bunch i've tested. **and yes i once worked in a greengrocers so tested a lot!! of fruit!**

James G

At least in the U.S., people taste grapes all the time. It's socially acceptable here, as far as I can tell. I've never seen anyone complain or give weird looks at someone tasting one grape.

I also don't necessarily agree with the no cell phone in line thing. I am more courteous to my cashiers than most other customers, and if I am on the phone with someone and I only have a quick transaction, I don't see a problem with it. As long as the person acknowledges you and is polite, who cares if they're on the phone or not as long as they aren't being noisy?


James G: So long as you acknowledge the cashier, acknowledge any questions she has concerning your transactions including "Hello! Do you have your own bags? Loyalty card? This is damaged, would you like to exchange it? There's a coupon on this do you happen to have it? Debit? Credit? Thank you, have a nice day!", you're good. It's when they are so involved with transactions that it becomes a problem.


*oops. I meant their phone conversation.


Honestly, in germany it is outlawed to "taste" product before buying it.
Imagine a hoard of shoppers, each of them tasting only ONE grape.
We had usually 500-1500 shoppers per day (Large grocery Store), and if each of them tasted one, we wouldn't have been able to get out on money what we put in.
To the "Cellphone talking while being on the register".
I think it should be common curtesy to wait for calling someone (unless it is to check if they need something too/else) until you are out of the shop. I don't really want to listen to you calling your bed buddy and talk about the doctor looking at the pimple on your butt, or hear where you're going to buy that nice shirt that you've seen in some other store. I want to shop, and not have people ram me with their carts, or simply run over me because they are having their phone pressed against their face.

Two more things I want to add.
I'm a mom of two myself, just to have said that.
But I did NOT allow them to whine at me to get something, and if they started crying, they were deposited outside with my mom so I could do my grocery shopping without disturbing other people.

Another point, here where I live, we have a large customer base, from rich to poor ...
and most of them enjoy it ramming their cart into your back/heels if you all stand on the register.
That freaking hurts! I can't make the line go faster, even if you shove me physically into the person in front of me.


I have never understood the crusty action of spilling something or making a mess, then walking away without saying anything. Are... are you kidding me? You couldn't take two seconds to let someone know? I mean, I get it if your kid made a mess, and you're embarrassed, but go report it anyway. Just tell them that you "found" the mess, and want to make sure that no one slips or gets hurt. No need to admit that your kid did it.


"When queuing to pay, you don't push the person in front of you because you have only one item and you are a senior. And yes I would have let you go in front of me."

Geez. I won't lie, if I or another custy gets into a line carrying one item, and the person infront of us has a whole cartful...I do judge that person if they don't let the 1 item person go head of them, but cutting in front of the person without permission being given first is NOT alright.

A kid bringing a loaded super soaker into a restaurant...good lord, just bring in a real bullets and shoot me now!

The leavin
g a restaurant if they don't have an menu in your language. This is one I might do but I wouldn't do it to be rude. Rather I find it's a lot easier to read a foreign language than speak it, so I'd assume I wouldn't be able to order if I can't read the menu because I obviously wouldn't be able to speak the language with any clarity either!


Ugh, sorry.
As you can see my effort to start proofreading my comments is a work in progress.

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