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The Singing Library Clerk

Not a mom but I don't like it either.

1: To me he's ugly. I don't like facial hair or too many muscles.

2: I'd be afraid of beard, armpit, or public hair in my food around a naked man.

3: If it was a half naked woman people would be whining about objectifying women. So why is it okay to objectify a man? Quit being hypocrites, people. Either it's okay to objectify or it's not.

Hellbound Alleee

One Million Moms is more like one Crusty housewife and a laptop.


No, but I can't stand the One Million Morons, so I guess I'm buying Zesty now. My personal belief is to buy anything that they target for boycotting.


I loathe Kraft Foods, but this is hardly offensive. My view on objectification is that Humans are hardwired to objectify and few have the mental fortitude to break that ancient impulse. Advertisers are simply going along.


Maybe its target at the gay male demographic? Who cares?


I would say that they might be surprised to stumble across a risque ad like this in places any other Kraft ad might be expected, like the food section of a newspaper or website. The more risque ads (featuring men or women) usually wouldn't be the ones you see there, so I could understand the shock.

Also, I agree- a bit of a hairy choice to pose naked near all that food.


Is there anything Million Moms isn't offended by? They were boycotting Archie Comics last I heard....


Judging from other ads where men are objectified, I imagine their problem is that he's happy and comfortable, and not being humiliated and degraded by women who have power over him (like a recent Bertolli ad with a young man getting changed on the beach whose towel is stolen by cackling old ladies, who photograph him in the nude).

But ads where women are objectified always show them happy and in control of the situation, so this ad is frankly a blow for equality! (Uh huh huh huh, "blow" etc.)


I don't like Million Moms, so I'm loathe to agree with them on anything but...
- This is a really stupid ad.
- Objectifying men is no better than objectifying women.


I disagree with the comments about it being just as offensive as similar ads with women. The reason is that this line of ads act more as a parody than anything else (if you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about). His lines are ridiculous, and it's meant to make you laugh, not to be actually sexy. It a light play on the concept

Compare that to the commercial with the convertible I saw recently (cannot for the life of me remember the brand, or I'd link) with the scorpion and the woman in a bikini. The entire purpose of that woman is to lie down sexily in the desert and have her top removed. She doesn't input anything, and it isn't a joke. THAT'S objectification.

As someone else commented about this (I think on Jezebel), holding a mirror to something is not the same as the thing itself.


No, this doesn't make me want to buy the product but I could certainly look at him a while.


I wouldn't buy Kraft anyways, so it's not like it's changing my buying habits, but half nekkid anyone doesn't tend to change my buying habits anyways.

Now, if it was a commercial showing him jizzing into it to make it creamier, THAT would be offensive.

The Last Archimedean

The Two Hundred Useless Angry Idiots need to just shut their trap and go away.


This is obviously just some silly parody ad... Why is it suddenly offensive to show a half naked man in an ad that is obviously DIRECTLY PARODYING ads that senselessly and randomly shove naked women into the ad? I didn't hear a lot of people bitching about the sexist ads this one is parodying. You don't get to be OK with objectifying women and then act horrified when someone jokes about it with a half-naked dude.


The only people who would be offended by this are sofa bisons with no sense of humor and nothing better to do other than look under every rock for something to be offended about.


I'm not interested in the salad dressing but I'd like to know if the man is available. :D

Lapis Lazuli

Looks pretty zesty to me ;)


Only if he delivers the dressing to my door looking like that :p

Book Baby

He can deliver my salad to me...one piece at a time...dressed JUST like that.

Sachimi Sushi

"Maybe its target at the gay male demographic?" Which would totally work if he was "sampling" some "Ranch" on that barely-covered body.

I'm not offended by it, but I think it's in poor taste. That cloth barely covers anything, and I have the same opinion of women in the same amount of 'clothing'.

I also don't want naked people around my food. Gross. That's just unhygienic.


Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, I suppose.


Fuck the comment war I'm suddenly craving hotdogs, anyone else?

Michelle C

Ummm I'll take everything on the blanket, please and thank you. Yum for everything.


I think men and women both have been objectified for a very long time, just in different ways. However, this ad did look like a parody to me, and I don't see anything particularly objectionable about it. I would buy the dressing, because the ad is fun and memorable. In regards to the hair, I dunno: my hubby doesn't tend to brush his hair over our food. I can't imagine this guy goes around doing that, either.

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